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Instagram marketing trends predictions for this year 2023

5 Instagram Marketing Trends for 2024 (+ Experts’ Insights)

Marketing trends are coming strong this month! It’s hard to believe it, but 2023 is officially over. My boyfriend brought home a pack of 7 days mini-croissants this week. For my new readers, these are traditional, quite unhealthy small croissants, full of trans fats, filled with highly delicious chocolate mousse, typically craved by us during the holiday season. They also signify that the end of the year is here. I’m a bit nostalgic. The new year was knocking so loud on our door!

You won’t guess (or maybe you will): that has got me thinking about what we can expect to see this new year in terms of Instagram marketing trends for aspiring creators and business owners. So here it is – Instagram marketing predictions for 2024.

Let’s take a look into the future!

Maybe I don’t have a crystal ball, but I did talk to other marketing experts: leading marketers from across the Instagram marketing industry. With their help, I’ve analyzed what’s happening in Instagram innovations and forecast some of the biggest trends you can expect in 2024!

Here’s what they have to say. What will happen on Instagram in 2024?

🕵️ What will we discuss today?

Marketing Trends: Short-Form Video Content Will Remain the Queen.

We know for sure Reels aren’t going anywhere. They will keep on dominating Instagram as the best content format.

I know it has upset a lot of creators, but let’s say it out loud: if you’re growing your video-making skills, it has a lot of advantages. I know many of you will be thinking “woah, I can barely handle creating static content for my profile, never mind creating time-consuming videos”! I totally get that feeling, we’ve all been there, but look… Did you realize social media videos generate 1200% more shares than text and images combined?! Yes. 1200%, according to Brightcove.

The average conversion rate for a business Instagram profile using Reels is 4.8%, which is more than the average conversion rate of 2.9% for those who don’t have videos on their profiles. Is it magic or something? Let me explain! The reason for the higher rate is closely connected with the like and trust factors. Having Reels on your profile shows people who are standing behind the brand. And showing yourself through videos increases your conversion rate. Reels allow your ideal followers to form an emotional connection with you. Every Reel increases their trust in your expertise AND humanizes your brand because they get to see the face and hear your voice.

In 2023, it’s official: if you’re not using Reels as a part of your Instagram marketing, your profile could be left behind. That’s because your ideal followers are so used to seeing creators use video now that when they see a profile that doesn’t, it may be a big turn-off.

infographic with social media marketing Instagram predictions for 2023

Marketing Trends in 2024: It’s Getting All About Creativity and Authenticity

AND PERSONALITY! Aligning on goals, values, and personality quirks is more of a draw than you realize. With so much content overload, the need for creativity and innovation will play a critical role in how creators think about earning the attention of their target audience and potential followers. You need to differentiate yourself from the competition.

If your biggest fear is “I feel like no one is going to notice me and appreciate me cause this market is too crowded, probably ten times oversaturated!” – hear me out: you can carve out your own space in the market and start being KNOWN for what you’re an expert at.

💡 Here’s how you can start standing out and getting noticed in 2023:

  • Get clear about your passion and your mission and communicate it loudly in your content so people never forget your WHY
  • No one is YOU, and that is your ultimate superpower. If you feel awkward, shy, clumsy, or super weird when putting yourself out there, stop worrying people would think you aren’t extraverted, brave, or cool enough. Ultimately, your perfect followers (= people from your target audience) want to see the real you. They’ll appreciate your authenticity. You don’t have to be someone you’re not – trust me, for every little thing you’re afraid people wouldn’t like about you, thousands of people need to see it, people who will empathize with that exact little thing. Be unapologetically you (that’s not Dior’s new fragrance slogan, although it sounds like it, I know!), and the right people will appreciate your content. They’ll see your spark; they’ll notice what you have to offer. All you need to do is put yourself out there – the real you.
  • Connect with your audience through stories. If you can tell a story about your own experience or struggles that your followers can relate to, then they empathize with your voice. And that’s the most powerful way to show your community that following you is super valuable. And speaking of stories…

infographic about Instagram marketing predictions for 2023

Storytelling Is the Skill That Trumps All Other Skills.

The best content creators might call themselves content creators… But they are secretly really, really strong in other things, too.

And storytelling is definitely one of these skills. 

And here comes the good news: yes, storytelling isn’t a talent, it’s a skill. You can master it if you’re willing to put in some work! The more vulnerable you can get, the more confident you’ll come across, and the more people will see you as an actual creator with a lot to share.

Too many stories on brands’ profiles bore people because they’re too generic. They have nothing to do with powerful storytelling – outstanding storytelling has the power to touch people on an emotional level. That’s what this power is all about. In the Instagram world, we often see the same topics covered 1000 times –they’re not necessarily the same, but they’re so similar that you only need to read one such post on the subject, and you think to yourself, “okay, that’s enough!”.

The extra smart way to stand out with your content? Share a personal story, or at least include engaging anecdotes.

💥 Here are some major (and smart) uses of storytelling:

  • To attract new followers
  • To engage with your current followers
  • To build a relationship with your audience
  • To convey a message in a lighter, funnier narrative
  • To convince your followers they need your product/services

Even if your experiences and your stories are not “one of a kind” and “one in a million”, it’s a psychological law: it’s more fun to hear about what someone else went through than what can happen just ‘in theory’. So make it your 2024 goal – take advantage of it!

top Instagram marketing skills in 2023


Instagram Will Become the New Shopping Mall.

Instagram is no longer social, it’s commercial. In 2023, we foresee Instagram taking e-commerce a step further. So how can you take advantage of this push toward Instagram commerce? First, optimize your in-app shop to ensure the most efficient shopping experience for both you and your potential customers.

Instagram trends predictions 2023

Consistency Will Be More Critical Than Ever.

To reap any satisfying results from growing your Instagram presence in 2023, consistency has to be the name of the game.

Content creators often tend to post in an irregular manner, and the Reels are really far apart. That way, it’s tough to keep up with an unpredictable publication pattern, where one carousel or Reel is followed by another WEEKS OR MONTHS later. People, in general, like consistency and will look forward to your Reels, carousels or regular posts if they know you are publishing content based on a schedule they can easily follow and understand. 

💡 The smart way to ensure you are posting new content consistently is to create a content calendar and… Stick to it, of course. Analyze how many high-quality Reels, carousels, and regular posts you can deliver per week/month and then pencil them into your beautiful schedule.

To Wrap-up!

It’s bold, exciting future. As ambitious creators and business owners using Instagram to grow our impact, we need to be at the forefront of these 2023 trends and predictions to learn and leverage all the changes the new year has in store for us. 

And that’s a wrap for IQ Hashtags’s Instagram trend predictions for 2023! Your turn! Have you seen the role of Instagram marketers, content creators and business owners growing their online presence on the platform changing or evolving? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for making my words part of your day and have a wonderful week. For more hot Instagram trends, keep up with our upcoming articles and don’t forget to stop by and say hi on our Instagram!

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