Jan 31
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50 Hashtags for Artists That Will Make You Get Noticed on Instagram

Hashtags for artists will help you get your gorgeous art noticed! If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’ve definitely heard that hashtags may be a terrific source of traffic for your profile. If you’re not seeing results, it’s most likely because you’re not choosing the right ones!

Today, I need to confess something a bit unusual. I’m a maniac; I absolutely adore researching Instagram hashtags. It’s a fascinating process, and it’s simply one of those things where I put on my headphones, put on a catchy tune, and get TOTALLY involved in it.

Let’s go through 50 of the best Instagram hashtags I feel you should use to improve your creative profile results!

Let’s dive in!

What exactly will we discuss today? 🕵🏻

Should Artists Use Instagram Hashtags to Boost Posts Visibility? Do We Need Hashtags for Artists?

Did you know that you can use up to 30 hashtags per Instagram post? But the question is: should you do it as an artist?

WHAT A QUESTION. Of course you do!

They help you reach and attract “your people“. The ones who genuinely care about your art, your photography and want to see you grow as an artist. Hashtags are great for reaching your target audience. One strategy that is still working for artists on the Gram? Strategically using consciously picked hashtags. Here we go!

How to Decide Which Hashtags to Use?

Choosing Instagram hashtags for your content might be challenging – with so many Instagram hashtags available, how are you supposed to choose the best ones, the finest Instagram hashtags out there?!

Pro tip: Avoid hashtags that are crazy, CRAZY saturated like #photography #photographer – those hashtags are way too crowded to bring you consistent results and your ideal clients can’t find you in that hashtag nearly as easily as a more local hashtag that is more niched-down!

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Should artists use hashtags on Instagram?

50 Art Hashtags to Use (That Can Explode Your Reach)

Here are the key hashtags I’ve always used for my art/photography posts, and they’ve always generated fantastic results:


























































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How do artists get more likes on Instagram? 50 hashtags for artists that will boost your engagement

How did I research those hashtags?

I have a fantastic little Instagram hashtag research procedure, and I guess it’s no secret – I have already revealed it in many posts. I use the IQ Hashtags tool to analyze my audience’s behaviors, my growth tendencies, but I also use it for hashtag research purposes – I believe it’s the most advanced tool out there.

If you’re curious, here’s a screenshot of the tool with some examples from my yesterday’s hashtag research:

screenshot from IQ Hashtags Tool

How do Instagram artists go viral?

To Wrap-Up!

Now that you’ve learned about art hashtags, it’s time to start using them in your beautiful posts! Grab the ones I’ve shared here, or use my fav tool to find your own ones.

PS. I hope these art and creative business hashtags have been helpful and they’re effective at growing your tribe and expanding your reach!


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