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How do I find hashtags

Your Hashtag Guide: How Do I Find Hashtags in 2024?

How do I find hashtags for my Instagram posts? How do I find trending Instagram hashtags? These questions are super important – and we’re going to discuss them in detail!

Instagram is a great platform to engage with your potential clients, expand your brand’s/business’ reach, your on-line visibility, and grow an engaged audience. Your ultimate goal? Raise brand awareness, keep an active presence by creating valuable content that people like to share. Don’t give up on millions of potential customers by not developing a strategic plan for your Instagram. 

You’re here, and you’re reading this article which means you already understand the power and the influence Instagram has had on the whole market in general. Let’s dive in deeper!

Hashtag Guide – How to Find the Best Hashtags for Your Instagram Posts

Hashtags were created to help expand your reach and attract an audience interested in your niche. It’s how people can attach their posts to a particular topic. If your post is about, let’s say #medicaltrends, you should do research on what type of hashtags people interested in this topic use, so they can see it as well. Instagram also allows people to follow hashtags. How to make the most of it?

Today, we want to share with you – step by step – how you can attract new clients into your business by using the right hashtags. You want to be sure that your profile is searchable, which means that people and your potential clients can actually find you. 


how to find effective hashtags that will attract new customersHow Do I Find Hashtags? Know what you want from Instagram

Knowing what you want to achieve is a fundamental prerequisite to developing an effective Instagram strategy. 

Quality over quantity – that’s the rule of converting Instagram accounts. You want an engaged following that isn’t just double-tapping on your posts and commenting with three emojis. You need an audience authentically interested in what you have to say, intrigued by the inside-knowledge you’re sharing, and an audience of people who might need your product/services.

Your goal is to inspire your audience to take action: use the tips and tricks you teach, think deeply about topics you elaborate on, try your products or services. 

Moreover, you want to be sure that your profile is getting targeted traffic: so here is what we need hashtags for. To make your content searchable and let people interested in your niche discover what you’ve got for them. 


how to find effective hashtags that will attract new customersHow Do I Find Better Hashtags? Define and understand your target audience

The result you want to achieve? Knowing who your target is and attracting the ideal audience.

Let’s start with basic questions that are definitely worth your time because they’re the essential ones: Who is your ideal client/ideal follower? What’s your product? What characteristics do most of your customers share? 

 You need this analysis because:

  • it’s the first step towards a conscious marketing strategy
  • in order to boost awareness, you should be sure that you’re using targeted hashtags. 

That’s why we’ll need to focus on finding niche hashtags – let’s elaborate on that!


how to find effective hashtags that will attract new customersHow do I find Trending Hashtags? Make your Instagram life easier and use practical tools

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags on each post. Use all 30. In order for people to find you, you need to include consciously-selected hashtags. So why not give them 30 chances to find you on each image that you post? 

There are millions of hashtags out there you can choose from, but not all of them will work wonders for your content and for your (personal as well as non-personal) brand.

Too many content creators make the mistake of describing their content with plenty of hashtags that permanently fail to promote the content and do nothing for their business – because they’re not accurate and they don’t relate to the topic of the photos or graphics they post. It’s like, they’re uploading a photo with tips on how to be more productive on Monday morning and put the hashtag #outfitoftheday below it. They saw this hashtag is popular, and they thought, “well, maybe someone interested in fashion will be intrigued by a different topic”: that’s not how it works! People will get upset if you describe your photos this way.

At the end of the day, what you need to realize is that hashtags are actually like keywords, so when you’re using the right, targeted ones, it’s going to increase your reach and increase the chances of your ideal customer finding you. 

It’s high time to stop posting random hashtags: they’re not only a waste of time, but as we’ve already said, they can harm your posts’ visibility as well. When used consciously, hashtags can become a creators’ best friend. There are literally hundreds of hashtags you can use to take your Instagram activities to the next level – but how to find them?

No worries, we’ve got your back. 


how to find effective hashtags that will attract new customersWhat hashtags are related to your brand and your potential clients? Let’s do some research.

The hardest part about hashtag research is knowing how to make this process less time-consuming and simply easier. Thankfully, there are several tools you can use to make it less complicated and frustrating. 

Do the analysis of the topic: start out by writing down the words that best describe your niche, business, services, or product. Let’s use the stationery paper goods brand, PaperPlans, as an example. They produce calendars, bullet journals, and notebooks. Start as broad as possible:

  1. #stationerygoods
  2. #handmade
  3. #bulletjournaling

Now it’s time to describe the ideal client: the people that buy things from PaperPlans are enthusiasts of self-development, self-reflecting, and implementing time management improvements. 

Hashtags such as #selfdevelopmentmatters, #timefortimemanagement will attract people who have basically the same value system and also praise this kind of activity – it’s most probable that those are the hashtags they look for many times. 

Once you have a broad idea of how you can describe your brand, your niche, and your products/services, as well as the values or activities of your ideal audience value, it’s time to find more specific and effective hashtags!

You can’t use the most popular and huge ones – simply because “recent posts” category view for them gets flooded with too many posts (sometimes 1 000 / a second!), and yours will get lost in the ocean of other posts too quickly, making it impossible for people to notice it. 

Since those super-popular hashtags have more posts competing for the top spots, you shouldn’t use them or – if you really want to – definitely not too often because they won’t give you extra reach and targeted traffic. 

Pro tip: rank for smaller hashtags, which can get you the good engagement you need to start ranking in larger hashtags in the future! Also take note of what hashtags your competitors (with account size similar to yours) are using.



how to find effective hashtags that will attract new customersAre There Any Safe Instagram Apps? Try IQ Hashtags Tool

We’d like to sound modest, but the truth is: IQ Hashtags is definitely the most extended hashtag generator tool for Instagram growth. It offers plenty of options to find the best hashtags for your account and helps you narrow down your niche to find the most effective hashtags out there. No more using too generic and broad hashtags like #instaphoto, #todaysphoto, #interestingcontent! With IQ hashtags you can search for hashtags relevant to the size and theme of your account. You can also do a research on which hashtags are currently trending on Instagram. Check which hashtags have worked best and have provided the biggest reach for your posts and your account. Analyze the connection between the time of your post, engagement, hashtag reach – it has worked wonders for our clients.

Just type a hashtag into the search box and click on Trends. You’ll get the top trending hashtags within seconds instead of doing time-consuming research and sacrificing long hours. You’ll also be able to assess the hashtag’s performance (for example, right after posting, which is really helpful), get a full profile analysis, and even analyze your current followers.


how to find effective hashtags that will attract new customersDon’t let banned hashtags ruin the visibility of your posts

How do I find hashtags? The best hashtags? First, don’t forget to check which of your hashtags are banned – it’s a must. Banned hashtags are the most common reason why your photos are invisible to new potential followers on Instagram. This can feel like your account has been shadowbanned. Verify all of your hashtags before posting and scan your profile to see if you’ve previously used any #banned hashtags. Verify your hashtags list before posting and scan your profile for previously used #banned hashtags.

liniaTake the tips you learned here and use them to start building your Instagram presence. Your statistics will definitely thank you that you did!


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