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Why Does My Instagram Keep Crashing?

Instagram Keeps Crashing – 3 Quickest Solutions

Instagram keeps crashing, and you don’t know what to do? Got problems with the Instagram app on iPhone or Android? Here are three how fixes and three proven things you can try to stop it. Instagram usually works just fine; however, of course, there are times when it experiences serious... read more →
Dec 21
Dec 15
What Does 'Active Today' Mean on Instagram?

What Does ‘Active Today’ Mean on Instagram?

What does ACTIVE TODAY mean on Instagram?! You know how it happens, right? You're examining the Instagram profiles of your friends, favorite celebrities, or potential business clients, and you see a little phrase that makes you curious: "Active Today". It suddenly feels like you've just unlocked a James Bond film's top secret.... read more →
Dec 13
Can You Reorder Instagram Posts? How to Edit Your Feed?

Can You Reorder Instagram Posts? How to Edit Your Feed?

Can you reorder Instagram posts? That's the question we're going to discuss today! Has there ever been a time when you posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram, but as you were scrolling your profile afterward, you thought, 'Hang on a second there, Sparky! That doesn’t quite fit with the trilogy... read more →
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