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Recycle Content with IQ Hashtags! Work SMARTER, Not Harder

As a content creator and business owner, you definitely have A LOOOOT of work to do. Every single day. And never enough time to get it all done. Creating engaging content is essential when you want to grow your on-line presence, but when we put off rose-tinted glasses, the reality is a bit overwhelming: content creation can be extremely challenging and requires a lot of energy. And time. 

The pressure is real, but what if we told you that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you post on Instagram? Today, we’re beyond excited to reveal the ultimate secret to smart content creation!

We’re here to introduce our brand new feature that is going to make your busy life so much easier. More creative. And more fun!

We have just rolled out “Content Recycling,” a new feature idea and content creation portal for you to level up your content game. And attract your target audience more easily. 

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Extend the Reach, Lifespan, and Impact of Your Posts with Content Recycling

We bet – our Content Recycling feature will quickly become your favorite content creation partner!

This is your new strategy of breathing new life into older posts that are lying around in your content archives and waiting for their second chance. That’s more than 101% sure: you already have amazing posts, outstanding content available in there that you (or your content creation team) have spent a ton of time and energy on. 

Look: that’s how Instagram algorithms work, so unfortunately, not everyone from your audience has noticed every single post you’ve ever posted. And that’s the thing about our short attention span: even if some loyal followers of yours did notice every single post you’ve ever published, they didn’t necessarily read it carefully. 

So, let’s recycle that stunning content and add something fresh and intriguing to it! Edit it with a creative twist with our new feature!

how to use content recycling

Your new Instagram Content Strategy for 2024!

Why Will Content Recycling Become Your Favorite Feature?

  • You’ll be in awe of new iterations of your old ideas. Armed with the advanced content analysis capabilities, our smart AI-powered feature does its best to paraphrase your old post in a creative and more engaging way. The result? A brand new caption that ticks all your boxes: sounds amazing, meets your needs, sparks curiosity and is well-structured.
  • You can specify your additional needs so the result matches all your expectations and your profile’s objectives! You can tweak parameters to make the caption shorter or longer. You can even adjust the tone and choose from 10 ready-to-use options. 
  • You can rely on our smart suggestions. Data speaks for itself: posts with a surprising hook, engaging CTA, funny anecdotes and questions to readers PERFORM MUCH BETTER. That’s why we’ve gathered our best tricks to make the post more engaging, so you can add them to your new posts with one click! The creativity of the output will surprise you. Trust us. 

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Who Is the Content Recycling Feature For?

Everyone who wants to grow their Instagram presence the smart and creative way.  Because all of us feel stuck in a creative block when it comes to creating new, fresh, unique content! Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, content creator, social media manager, or creative professional, you can optimize your workflow, improve your Instagram content, and speed up the content creation process with our Content Recycling feature.

You probably have hundreds of valuable content and outstanding ideas that you’ve created over time. Have you made the most of it? Probably… NOT. That’s where the Content Recycling feature comes in handy! Content recycling is the smartest strategy that will extend your posts’ reach, lifespan, and impact. 

content recycling

What Exactly Is Content Recycling?

You already get the idea, but let’s put it together! Content recycling is the clever process of transforming your existing posts into new content. It’s basically the process of refreshing, updating, and reusing your existing posts without coming up with brand-new concepts every time you post on social media.

For example, you can update your outstanding post with different words and different anecdotes. You can reshare it with a new, more creative headline or hook. The goal is to revive the visibility of your posts your already existing content, and reach new people and your existing followers who may have missed it.

how to use content recycling

Recycle Content to Maximize Its Value and Impact!

Recycling content is highly beneficial for your content strategy. Doing so will save time and energy since you don’t have to create new posts, new content FROM SCRATCH. Additionally, recycling older posts will boost your Instagram SEO by creating more posts around your target keywords and hashtags! That will significantly increase your authority and trustworthiness in the long run. 

How to Use IQ Hashtags’ Content Recycling – Step by Step


  • The first step: or maybe rather “the preparation”. Analyze and audit your existing posts and identify the ones that have the highest value, relevance, and high potential for recycling. Go to your Profile Analysis and Reels Metrics to identify the most interesting posts that absolutely deserve a second life!

That way, you can easily analyze which pieces of content are performing exceptionally well and then focus your recycling efforts there. As we’ve already mentioned – use our analytics features to identify the most promising posts, trending topics, keywords, and user engagement metrics (especially comments, but likes can also be a good indicator). This ensures that your recycled content aligns with the current interests of your target audience and maximizes your posts’ impact! 

how to recycle content with content recycling

You can also go through all your posts on the feed one-by-one and jot down all that are still relevant today, and they recycle them with IQ Hashtags’ Content Recycling.

Step 1: Choose the post you want to recycle. Our talented IT team made the feature extremely easy and straightforward to use: 

content recycling

content recycling

Then… Watch the tool generate your new, recycled post! Woo-hoo!

Step 2: Review the output. Do you need any changes? Do you want to improve the results with one of our smart suggestions?

content recycling

content recycling

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Biggest Benefit of Content Recycling

The biggest benefit of recycling content is that it makes your posts and your efforts so MUCH easier to scale! An effective content recycling strategy will quicken your growth, attract more new followers, and increase your engagement rates, making your content efforts SO MUCH more effective.

We can’t wait to see you GROW!

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