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Is it OK to reuse hashtags?

Is it OK to Reuse Hashtags? 5 reasons Why it is + Organise Your Hashtags

Is it OK to reuse hashtags? Your hashtag strategy matters more than you realize. If you use hashtags consciously, you’ll reach new audiences, and your posts will be seen by your target groups – that’s their greatest power: the right hashtags can put you in front of the eyes of potential followers who are interested in your niche.

Unfortunately, as you probably already know: it isn’t as easy as it may sound – to use hashtags efficiently, you need to understand accurately which of them are right for your niche and which ones you should avoid at all costs. Remember that if you use the wrong or the banned ones, it can harm your posts’ visibility, annoy your potential followers or even get your profile banned in the worst scenario.


Is it OK to Reuse Hashtags? How to Learn It All About hHashtags?

Yes, reusing hashtags can be really beneficial – we’ll teach you how to do it. You’re in the right place to do that – with our Instagram School’s materials, you’ll be armed with social media experts’ knowledge and hot sauce industry secrets. Plus, the most important thing: you have access to our game-changing tool with many innovations. We continuously design and build new IQ Hashtags features – the ones that will help you step up your Instagram game, making the process of hashtag research and posting much more effortless.

That’s why we were more than excited to announce our Hashtag Collections feature on IQ Hashtags, allowing you to gather all your best-performing hashtags in one place. With it, you can keep the results from Hashtag Research, and Hashtag Performance Research organized and save plenty of time.

How to organize your hashtags into categories


More benefits? Let’s discuss them today!


How to reuse hashtags. You’ll save time = you’ll have more energy for creating valuable content

With Hashtag Collections, you can arrange your hashtags by different, practical categories and insert them into your posts with one smart click. Just create separate lists of hashtags relevant to the different types of posts you make.

As you probably already know, a crucial part of the smart hashtags strategy is using 30 hashtags every time you post on your IG. Not using 30 is like missing an opportunity to attract more potential followers, and we don’t want to do it, right? The real-life truth: coming up with 30 different, totally new hashtags can be a tough challenge: researching them takes time, and saving your favorite, best-performing hashtags in notes on your phone can be tricky at times because then it’s not so easy to find them.

Hashtag Collections are here to help: no more looking for the lost notes in your phone’s notepad, switching between different apps, or thinking about new hashtags for hours. Now you can keep them in one place, one repertoire with many lists, to reduce time typing hashtags in over and over. This gives you extra time to focus on the content and engaging captions.

Spoiler alert: we’ll write dedicated series about the benefits of strategic content creation (and how to write engaging posts and create eye-catching graphics and carousels much quicker) if you want to dig deeper into this topic (and you definitely should).


Reusing hashtags: You won’t forget your most precious and best-performing hashtags

Once you know what hashtags give you the best results and attract your ideal readers/ideal clients (and if your target audience is following these hashtags), you can save them for future use. You can create dedicated lists, then pick hashtags from the list matching certain content, copy all or only a few hashtags to use – rather than having to remember the hashtags or search for new outstanding ones for each publication.


You will save your results from Hashtag Performance and Hashtag Search for later 

Adequate research is an inseparable part of your strategy.

With Hashtag Performance and Hashtag Search IQ Hashtags’ features, you’ll discover new, tailored hashtags – and now you can add them directly to your repertoire. Useful research means more targeted hashtags with less content to compete with! Save the results of your researches for future use – your statistics will thank you.

How to organize your hashtags into categories


You won’t have an excuse to put random hashtags below your photo

Keep in mind that the most popular Instagram hashtags are not necessarily the most powerful and efficient ones that will bring traffic to your posts. The other way round: they rarely (or even it’s safe to say: almost never) are. They’re too frequently used, and your publication will be lost among thousands of other posts within a split second.

Using first-thought hashtags like #love, #happy, #instadaily may be tempting, but it’s not going to take you anywhere.

When you create a post, you should use only hashtags that make sense. If you tag a post with #iloveitaliancuisine, for example, your content must be something other pasta lovers will want to comment on, like, and share. If you publish a photo of your dog under this tag, your content can be penalized by the algorithm.

Every one of the Instagram hashtags you use on a post must fit with the content – yes, it’s an absolute must!

How to organize your hashtags into categories
You’ll keep your hashtags organized so you’ll structure your publications 

You can break down your hashtags into 1-72 different list-types: you’ll have a chance to observe what categories are the most useful ones for you. You can arrange them by topics of publications or other specifications. Inspirational examples, ready to implement into your Instagram strategy? Here you are:

  • product and service hashtags for posts about your brand’s or personal offers: the ones promoting your business and reaching your ideal client
  • industry community hashtags – in every niche, there are many active Instagram communities. By using their dedicated hashtags you can join them, get noticed by other members, or even get your photos shared on huge curated accounts (and it’s an opportunity to gain massive exposure, let us tell you). It’s convenient to keep them all gathered.
  • niche hashtags – you can create a separate list for every more specific topic you create content about. The more specific you get with them, the bigger chances that you’ll reach your target audience (for example: Instagram caption writing tips probably won’t attract the interest of someone looking for tips on how to grow a Twitter account, so #socialmediatips may not be the most narrowed down hashtag you can come up with!)
  • seasonal hashtags or events hashtags – these can save you a lot of time as well
  • daily hashtags – for visually pleasing posts or those with inspiring value: so you can pick the most strategic hashtags for your monday coffee photo, graphics with inspirational quotes or daily behind the scenes of your day-job or business’ backroom.
  • location hashtags let the local audiences find you every time you go on an abroad business trip or weekend getaway. Create location hashtags lists, they will be super useful: especially in moments when you have very little time to come up with a perfect caption.

It’s a game-changing idea to use Hashtag Collections to build various hashtag lists that are organized by the subject or category. The core is to collect and categorize them.

How to organize your hashtags into categorieslinia


You might want to say: Wait, haven’t you told me in the past not to use the same hashtags over and over again on every post?

Of course, it’s still completely accurate!

It’s not the best idea to overuse the same list of hashtags too often (like three or four times a week). Regardless, it is really time-saving and beneficial to have different lists of hashtags relevant to the various kinds of photos, graphics, or carousels you post. Using IG Hashtags’ Hashtags Collections feature, you can create multiple hashtag lists based on your most-tailored hashtag categories, all from your IQ Hashtags account.


Are you ready to try Hashtag Collections Feature for yourself? Try our IQ Hashtag Tool, manage your entire Instagram strategy, find the most effective hashtags, measure performance, and the main thing: save your time!

Hashtag Collections are available on all IQ Hashtags plans — including our free plan!

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