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Social Media Audit: Introducing Our Expert Social Media Audits

It’s been a while since we’ve shared an update about what’s going on at IQ Hashtags, so here it goes, as we have great things to announce! If you’ve had a chance to work with our tool in the past, you already know what our biggest mission is. Not only do we love seeing real growth of our clients’ Instagram profiles, we’re also HUGE niching down and mixing creativity with goal-oriented approach enthusiasts, so we had literally no choice – we had to come up with an additional solution to help you make your Instagram dreams come true even quicker, and help you more… Personally.

All those years, we’ve been getting thousands of questions if we do 1:1 sessions. If we can offer you 1:1 courses and pro Instagram coaching. We knew it was something we wanted to offer our clients – but how to help SO MANY of you? And then, there was this lightbulb moment. Imagine having our undivided attention on your profile, on your business, and letting us work through the strategic Instagram to-do list for you. Step by step. And then getting a handy PDF with all insights and all the guidance. A comprehensive Instagram guide that covers all your profile’s pillars. Yup. It sounds exciting and promising, right? We thought so and screamed “eureka!” 

Our Social Media Audits – Let us Audit Your Instagram Profile

To take our mission a step further, we’re excited (super excited actually!) to announce the expansion of IQ Hashtags services. Custom Instagram audits. Yes, we’re ready to use our expert knowledge, all of our secret-sauce insights and pour our hearts and souls into all of your incredible businesses and profiles. Each IQ Instagram audit will include EVERYTHING you need to strategize your Instagram presence seamlessly. Let’s get you all the clarity you need! Thinking about having a fresh set of eyes on your Instagram strategy to see what could be improved? WE’VE GOT YOU! If you’re an aspiring influencer, business owner ready to go all-in, social media enthusiast, or solopreneur losing your precious time trying different tactics and looking to up your Instagram game, this solution is PERFECT for you.

Because we know how you feel. Desperate for a practical and easy roadmap to Instagram success? Sick of all these generic tips & tricks that don’t really work? That’s where the IQ Instagram Audit comes in. Now here’s the thing: You CAN change your future just by doing the Instagram thing right. ​All by showing yourself BETTER online.​ ​Not singing. Not dancing and clapping your hands as Tiktokers do. Not posting twice a day. Just learning how to do Instagram right your way. With our help! Our goal is for you to walk away knowing “What would IQ Hashtags Instagram strategists do” for your Instagram strategy, do it with ease, and see THE RESULTS follow.

rightI’ve tried every possible Instagram tactic, read more than 10202 blog posts, and watched thousands of marketing gugurs on YT. And NOTHING works. Will your audit help me? 

We’re more than sure that you haven’t tried every possible tactic – otherwise, you would have found methods that work! We don’t want to sound immodest, but our clients’ results prove that the strategy, techniques, and tools we recommend in the IQ Instagram Audit work. How do we know? We talk with many of our clients on a daily basis, and they give us so many great testimonials, and they’re living proof that our services have the power. So yeah, we can’t wait to help YOU next. What’s more, it goes without saying that everything in our audit, every piece of advice is created to be high converting, if you’re a business owner or planning to become one! 


Why is it a Social Media Audit For You?

I want to become a successful influencer or online entrepreneur, but the market is so saturated! Should I even try? Will your audit help me stand out with my profile?

It’s no question that curating and growing your Instagram profile is one of the most important things to do for your business or your personal development – it can give you SO MANY opportunities. At the same time, Instagram can be a cruel mistress if you’re new to the game, busy with all the other responsibilities, and a bit frustrated with the amount of effort it demands. Let’s be honest: it can take a tremendous amount of time to learn all the beneficial tactics and grow powerfully because posting regularly isn’t a guarantee that your content will be seen anymore.

The market is getting saturated, but to be honest, it’s not about the ‘Gram being crowded. It’s about using the proper techniques and having access to good tools. We notice many creators use strategies that are against Instagram best practices, some of which end with their accounts being suspended because what they were doing repeatedly is considered spammy activity to the Instagram algorithms but well, they did not know that!

That’s why many of them can’t grow their profiles!

The Instagram market is getting saturated, but it’s still room for every creator to thrive. You just have to learn how to become more discoverable, stand out with your content, and use hashtags and all Instagram features to work in your favor, not against you. 

We can help you grow your Instagram more easily by teaching you how to develop an Instagram marketing strategy for your profile this year. 

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Why our Social Media Audits Are Worth It

Because to build a successful Instagram profile, you need to stop… Guessing.

If you are not seeing any results from all of the time and energy you’re putting into Instagram, it may be worth… Asking for help. But you need to choose carefully who you’re asking!

We’re not going to lie, there are a lot of Instagram “gurus” out there that think just because they got 2 000 likes a few times and felt like they’ve crushed their Instagram marketing back in 2020 that they can say the tactics that they teach are without any doubt the only way to get traction on the ‘Gram!

Instagram is constantly changing, and you will not know what is going on if you are not learning as much as you can about what is happening on the platform. What worked two years ago can be outdated now and disappoint you with the lack of any results. Actually, the hardest part of finding effective Instagram advice is that most of what you can find out there is outdated and just too old. That’s why we are constantly updating our knowledge and discussing all the news with other reliable marketing specialists as the Instagram algorithm continues to change. There have been several significant changes to the Instagram algorithms last year and if you aren’t following these updates, your reach has probably taken a dive these last months!

In the past, checking if your strategy is right and updating it has been a painful and overwhelmingly time-consuming process. Now it doesn’t have to be. Yay! But seriously. Your trust is everything to us. This is not an audit telling you to smile more and use 30 hashtags in every caption. It’s about fundamental, well-tailored Instagram strategies you can continue to reference as you grow your profile. 

yasss102Not sure if you’re doing things right with your Instagram profile? Need a fresh set of eyes on your Instagram strategy to see what could be improved?

Now, maybe you think you’re doing a decent job with developing your profile and content creation. You surely do! But sometimes, we content creators can get stuck inside our heads and not notice some of the obvious errors in our Instagram strategies.

By the way, whenever we talk about leveling up the Instagram game and making money with your Instagram, our readers and followers respond with one common question: Is it possible for me? Isn’t it too late to make a living as an Instagram content creator? While Instagram is different now than when we started, our answer is still a really loud, resounding YES it’s possible, and NO, it’s not too late.

In fact, we’re sure it might be easier to get started now, with so many intuitive tools available to make the content creation and hashtag research processes easier, plus tons of educational content to help you start off on the right Instagram foot. But Instagram courses and coaching sessions can be OVERWHELMINGLY expensive, so when we find a good deal, we want to tell EVERYBODY about it!

And right now, it feels a bit weird because we can recommend our own thing – but well, we’re sure it’s the best deal out there! 

Our IQ Instagram Audit – what is it, and what can you expect from it?

Your time is the most valuable resource you have when it comes to the success of your Instagram. Our custom audits will save you plenty of hours and help you make your profile’s growth MUCH quicker. How?

Step one of the process is to look at every aspect of your profile. In-depth analysis to find all the growth levers you need to pull to grow.

Curious what it includes?

yass106An analysis of EVERY possible aspect, and WE MEAN IT.

All curated to give you a comprehensive Instagram education that will grow with you as you hit each Instagram milestone. At a price that’s too good to miss. So here’s your reminder to start working on polishing your Instagram strategy! Who else is on the IQ custom audit bandwagon for their account?



PS: To celebrate this exciting launch of our first EVER custom audit services, it’s currently on sale for the next few weeks! So be quick and grab yourself the custom audit for just 29 $! 

Simply click here and get it now, because – unfortunately – it won’t last! Want us to audit your Instagram?


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