Feb 17
girl wondering why people buy fake followers on instagram

Why Do People Buy Fake Instagram Followers?

Aspiring creators and business owners who are starting their Instagram journey from scratch ask us continuously (more times than I can actually count!) if buying fake followers is a smart idea to boost the numbers on their follower count at the beginning. You can imagine my face every time I... read more →
Feb 14
screenshot explaining how to analyze your audience on instagram

Say Hello to Our New Feature: Followers Activity

Growing an Instagram profile isn't all on your shoulders. Our IQ Hashtags team is constantly developing and crafting new features that will take the guesswork out of your Instagram strategy so that you can focus on the most creative part: creating the content itself and building a community around your... read more →
Feb 13
Feb 10
Feb 08
Feb 07
Feb 02
infographic with text on it: how many hashtags on instagram reels

How Many Hashtags Should You Use on Reels?

It's time to start talking about your Instagram Reels hashtag strategy.  How many of you out there have a Reels hashtag strategy? 🙋‍♀️ And how many of you are dissatisfied with your pace of growth? If so, (and I'm betting there are many of you), it's time to reconsider what... read more →
Feb 01
Jan 31
Jan 26
Graphic with text: Instagram Reels Templates how to use the feature the smart way

Instagram Reels Templates: How to Use The Feature The Smart Way

Hello there! Are you sick of spending hours making Instagram Reels that never get your desired attention? Have no fear because I'm about to reveal the trick of generating Instagram Reels faster than ever before: Templates for Instagram Reels.  To begin with, let's be honest: producing Instagram Reels may be... read more →
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