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how to repurpose content

5 Secrets of Effective Content Recycling – Unlock Possibilities with IQ Hashtags and Repurpose Content

Every piece of content you create needs to be recycled into at least one other post— it may sound surprising, but YES, we really mean it. That tactic has already helped thousands of our clients, and today, we want to share details about this method with you so you can join the smart gang!

We’ve just released our brand new feature: Content Recycling, available inside our IQ Hashtags Tool (*Just a friendly reminder: you can try out the tool completely for free – we still offer a 7-day free trial, which means you can give all the features a try and decide if that’s something that helps your business/your passion. Shhh, we’re sure it DOES).

Today, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the art of content recycling. Let’s go!

how to repurpose content

Most Successful Content Creators Love Content Recycling (and they DO Repurpose Content)

Here’s why: preparing brand new content from scratch takes time, money, energy, many shots of espresso, and manpower. Recycling your most valuable, most powerful pieces of content into a slightly different post allows you to reach new pairs of eyeballs and present your best ideas in a fresh way. Most importantly, without having to start from scratch and without the frustrating process of thinking about brand-new concepts for hours. 

Let’s face the truth: producing great content REALLY takes time. Even with the help of innovative AI-powered tools and features like our AI Caption Generator or AI Assistant, it’s still a creative act, and our creativity doesn’t like being in a rush. Quite the opposite – creativity loves slowing down, but on the other hand, there’s always this terrible battle ongoing: quality vs quantity.

How do you keep your Instagram profile packed with interesting Reels and outstanding carousels if you’re not coming up with new ideas at the speed of light? 

That’s where the good news about effective content recycling comes in handy: A single piece of content, one amazing post, can be repurposed in almost thousands of creative ways (of course, also depending on the context). 

What is Social Media Content Recycling?

Content recycling means reusing previously published content, including your smartest captions and ideas after some time has passed.   Many content creators and entrepreneurs still make the mistake of following this “one and then done” approach to content strategy. They invest so much time into coming up with one original idea, and then they complain that it didn’t convert.

That’s why using your best ideas ONLY ONCE isn’t very smart. Hey, these ideas deserve better! 

And here comes the FIRST content recycling secret:

  1. To reach your target audience more effectively and to have more opportunities to show up in their feeds (and Explore Page), every piece of content you create should be recycled at least once. 

how to repurpose content

how to repurpose content

Why Should You Recycle Social Media Content?

You already know the key reasons, but there are many, many more.

We know many of you might think: “hey, isn’t recycled content annoying? What if I don’t want to sound repetitive?”

Bad news (but we’ll transform them into good): With the way today’s Instagram algorithms work, a good portion of your audience, of your follower base isn’t even seeing the posts you publish. 

People are estimated to be missing as much as 70% of all fancy posts in their feeds, including almost half of the posts from their favorite content creators and influencers. And here we’re getting closer to the second content cecycling secret... 

And that’s simple math: many of your followers don’t see your beautiful content when you post it.  The same goes for Instagram SEO. If your carefully written posts have been declining lately, and you’re stressing out, it could be because you’re forgetting about strategic keywords and hashtags (yup, they still work). And unfortunately, that means your target audience doesn’t have this opportunity to see your content daily.

Recycling content is the answer. You can recycle your best posts to expand the longevity of your content!

How exactly do you actually repurpose your content? That’s what we’re going to cover next! 

how to repurpose content

How to Recycle Instagram Content with IQ Hashtags 

As you might have heard (because we’re more than sure: this feature generates the BUZZ!), we’ve launched Content Recycling inside our IQ Hashtags app. We’re constantly trying to make our fellow content creators and business owners’ lives easier!

How does it work? Kate from our team believes examples are the best way of showing you how powerful this feature is, so we’ll do it her way!

Just look at this example: how to repurpose content

how to repurpose content

Do you see it?

Different words, a bit different tone of the post, different hook, and different CTA – but the most inspiring message of the post remains the same, and thanks to this smart process, the post can be shamelessly posted one more time to gain higher traction and attract more new followers!

To tell you the truth, we’re beyond excited about this feature, as it uses the most advanced, most creative AI trained on the most engaging copywriting formulas. And when we’re reading the results it produces, we have no doubts… This feature will a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y revolutionize the way we all recycle content!

3 Best Practices  for Content Recycling

  • Keep your content calendar and posting pattern active – posting new Reels, carousels and static posts with the most engaging hooks can be REALLY hard to do consistently. So many times a week. Ugh. This IS a challenge. Recycling older posts helps you keep on entertaining, teaching and inspiring your audience, and that way you can keep up with the demanding speed of social media life even when you’re extremely busy with other important things that just can’t wait.
  • Give your best ideas a second life– Imagine, you wrote a long post filled with honesty and personal confessions last year but it didn’t get the organic reach it deserved then. Now you’re noticing that this topic, these confessions, could do much better, as the social media landscape has changed a bit, and transparency and authenticity are now appreciated more than ever. 

This is the ideal idea to recycle your old post! The perfect opportunity. Just give it a new hook, a new “look,” change it a bit with a Content Recycling feature, and give it a chance to shine brighter than before.

  • Create new iterations of the same idea – The same idea, the same theory, and the same message can be presented in so many different ways. With funny anecdotes, interesting facts, unusual statistics… The possibilities are endless (* but hey, look at our suggestions of how you can make your old posts even better):
how to repurpose content

How do you repurpose content?

And if you’re aware of how Instagram algorithms work now, you already know how important recycling content is. Not only does this help you get the same content out for more organic exposure it deserves, it also gives your followers a chance to better understand and keep in mind your words and your ideas. A win-win!landing banner keywords iq hashtags


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