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Jun 22
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How To Track & Measure Instagram Hashtag Performance

Hashtags - the essential factor of long term Instagram-marketing strategy. You definitely should pay attention to them right now! In fact, hashtags still pull a lot (probably way more than you think) of weight on the playground when it comes to helping you attract new audiences.  Hashtag research is essential if... read more →
Jun 20
Is AI good for the society?

The AI Era: Dispelling Myths and Embracing Opportunities

AI. ​​Lifesaver, the help we all need or job killer? AI tools are really polarizing the world right now. From what I see and hear all around me, online and offline as well, hype and fear collide all the time. I can’t deny it, Artificial Intelligence is on everyone's lips!... read more →
Jun 02
May 29
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Repurpose Your Instagram Content and Your Post Ideas the Smart Way

How can you reach more people by doing less? Yup. Repurpose your content. Of course, it’s not about posting the EXACT same content on multiple platforms or creating different content formats with exactly the same message. You gotta do it the smart way. Repurposing isn’t about copying and pasting the same thing,... read more →
May 22
May 16
May 15
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Analyze Your Hashtag Performance and Revolutionize Your Profile’s Growth

Understanding and analyzing your hashtag performance can revolutionize your profile’s growth. Keep reading, I’m breaking it down below!  A commonly accepted interpretation of irrationality is repeating an action numerous times while anticipating a totally different outcome. My definition of Instagram marketing insanity? Creating content, spending hours polishing Reels and carousels,... read more →
May 15
May 09
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