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4 Effective Ways to Use Instagram Story Hashtags

You might have often wondered if Instagram story hashtags are worth using, right?

The direct answer is yes, they are!

Instagram story hashtags are one of the most efficient means to build a potential, organic, and related community.

Instagram allows using 10 hashtags in your stories and experts recommend using all 10 hashtags in your Instagram story to get the best results.

Hashtags create an easier way to discover posts around those targeted topics. It helps people who are interested in a certain topic to find relevant content on that topic quickly.

Let’s dive in straight away and find ways to effectively use Instagram story hashtags and grow your Instagram reach.

4 Ways to Use Instagram Story Hashtags 

A balanced combination of related general and location-based hashtags stands to be the right approach for using Instagram story hashtags.

A better choice is to hide hashtags by adding a sticker above it. This makes it look a bit nicer and you can continue to get the views from the hashtags without showing that you have used it.

Here are the most effective ways to use hashtags in Instagram stories:


Follow those who are already engaging with your brand. Learn what hashtags they use in their stories and start using the same hashtags. Remember, that each hashtags has its own Insta Story – this is how new recipients may find you!

Strategic social media results in conversions and good conversions lead to increased profit. By targeting the right audience using your story hashtags, you can generate potential leads, nurture them, and convert them into customers and thereby leading to increased revenue for your business.

If your small yet loyal audience is proving helpful for you in converting to social, use the wisdom from your current audience to get in touch with similar Instagram accounts. For example, you can ask them for referrals, testimonies, etc. and boost your Instagram reach.

You can grow your audience by having a proper engagement with your current audience since they are continuously engaging with their friends and folks.

One such way is to create a hashtag story contest or a poll that will help you to know your audience in a better way. This can also help you to gain new followers as your current audience will also have a circle of their own who are going to view the stories and will eventually discover your brand and lead to new visitors.


Here location tags that you use, function similar to hashtags. The Instagram users add a linked location to an image or video, topic, or event, just as they add hashtags.

Practically every location has an Instagram Story.

Hashtag Location Story

A location added to your Instagram photo or video can locate you without stating it in the caption. It ensures more engagement rates on Instagram and can provide you more exposure and grab the attention of customers with the least effort.

The location tag also serves a great purpose for the brands that are hosting location-bound PR events.


Be liberal in hashtagging everything all the time and be the bold brand by doing excessive self-promotion.

So, when you use many hashtags in your stories, it will have better visibility. That is simply because every hashtag that is being used by you will put your content in another feed, consequently, more exposure for you.


Tell your story with hashtags. Be friendly and hold trends in your arms. Use your wisdom about offering something creative and unique with your hashtag stories post.

For example, hold a hashtag contest by creating a story that asks your users to come up with a hashtag for your brand and the highest voted hashtag gets a shoutout from your Instagram handle.

When using the hashtag in Instagram stories for your company, a branded hashtag of your company could be the unique one. Branded hashtags are potential enough to make a widespread community for your business.

It is estimated that around 70% of commonly used hashtags on Instagram are branded hashtags. So these branded hashtags can be planned to focus on a campaign or collect user-generated content.

A branded hashtag can be your company name, any of your brand names, or any other hashtag but all these hashtags must be something to retain and uplift your brand identity.

One such great example of a branded hashtag is #ridewithuber, using this hashtag, users can share their experience they had with their Uber ride by uploading photos, videos, reviews, etc. By this technique, the company easily gets feedback which leads them to improve their service.


How to choose the perfect Instagram Story hashtags for your brand?

Each hashtag gives your account exposure to a variety of prospective followers.

You must button up gimmicky hashtags in every Instagram story to avoid being spammed. Try for ultra-niche community hashtags that work specifically with your Instagram stories.

If you are a wildlife photographer, try finding a unique hashtag that gives an overview of your photography skills. Going for a hashtag like #wildlifephotography, #photographyforthewild, etc. makes your Instagram story more authentic and attractive.

Pro-Tip – Use hashtag tools like IQhashtags to find the best niche hashtags, this can help you in saving time and efforts.

Although experts’ views on using the number of hashtags vary, some recommend using maximum hashtags whereas others suggest using around 10 hashtags to the Instagram story.

Choosing the right Instagram story hashtag for your brand differs from profile to profile as every brand has its own subject, location, audience engagement, and, a gender ratio.

For each profile it is vital to identify the following, to choose the best Instagram story hashtag:

The photography subject and the hashtags with which you explain your photos.

Decide the day and time to publish so that your beneficiaries are active.

Here is a tip that might help you with the selection:

Distribution of hashtags

Hashtag distribution is based on a number of factors and the steps are outlined hereunder:

  • If you have a themed account, it is good to list those hashtags that describe your profile or photo.
  • The simple reason behind this is that it is crucial to know those hashtags that determine the relevant community, industry, or the subject.

This search can be performed manually or you may take the help of our hashtag search.

  • Hashtag search with IQhashtag tool

Relevant and niche hashtags can be found by “hashtag search” using the IQhashtags tool.

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The hashtag search feature of the IQhashtags helps you in choosing the best hashtags for your Instagram Stories. While you click on the hashtag you will be landed into a new subpage where an analysis of the phases of the hashtags can be done.

 Wrapping it up

Instagram story hashtags are potential tools to make your Instagram account discoverable. It grows your audience, boosts engagement, and reaches out to your growing customers.

The key lies in researching hashtags before using them. Relevant hashtags give you more chances of reaching out to your target audience.

The use of the Instagram story hashtags ensures that you are reaching out to the right audience for your business.

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