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Repurpose Your Instagram Content and Your Post Ideas the Smart Way

How can you reach more people by doing less? Yup. Repurpose your content. Of course, it’s not about posting the EXACT same content on multiple platforms or creating different content formats with exactly the same message. You gotta do it the smart way. Repurposing isn’t about copying and pasting the same thing, the same message, or the same long essay you’ve written all over the universe.

It’s all about REMIXING your ideas.

It’s all about taking parts of one piece of content and reshaping them so that they work as other content formats, or posts on different platforms (hello Tiktok, Pinterest, Youtube, or a blog). Instead of spending excessive amounts of time trying to think of new ideas, new genius concepts, you can repurpose each of your brilliant static posts into at least 10 other pieces of content. Carousels. Reels. Instagram stories confessions. Blog post. Tiktok storytime. Pinterest pin idea. Youtube short. As you can see, the list gets longer with time . That’s the beauty of repurposing your ideas! It’s kind of like taking your old silk dress and repurposing it into an awesome top. Or 3 tops. Or 10 beautiful scarfs.

Want to master the art of repurposing your Instagram content? Right place, right time! That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss today.

Repurpose Instagram Content: Why Repurposing Instagram Content Is Such a Smart Idea?

Creating remarkable content is undoubtedly the primary focus when it comes to growing a prosperous and lucrative Instagram profile. Without exceptional content, your ‘Gram lacks the ability to establish credibility, generate engagement, or guarantee a sustainable source of income we all dream of. 

But imagine this – rather than wasting excessive time brainstorming fresh content ideas, you have the power to repurpose each of your ideas, each of your posts into a minimum of 10 additional content pieces. These revamped materials not only enhance your brand, but they also reach a wider audience, boost your credibility, and bring in some serious engagement. Craft a remarkable content piece, then transform it into 10 other valuable assets – let me tell you, that’s the smart plan.

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Instagram Posts – What Can Be Repurposed? 

Oh, did you believe Instagram was merely a platform for sharing visually appealing Reels? Well, think again, my friend! While it does serve as an excellent space for showcasing stunning short videos, it can also be successfully used to share informative and engaging captions and CAROUSELS. I love carousels – they’re a content format that is making people click that “save” button the Instagram algorithm just loves.

Apart from your regular Instagram content, I highly recommend incorporating elements from your blog or your website into certain Instagram posts. Real-life example? Here we go with one of the Instagram posts that I crafted using content from one of my blog posts:

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When it comes to repurposing your content, it’s absolutely crucial to keep the platform in mind. Trust me, I would never dream of copy/pasting a lengthy blog post directly into an Instagram caption, because let’s be real, Insta-folks aren’t there for a marathon read (and seeing the exact same content everywhere is as exciting as wearing mismatched socks, am I right?). Repurposing is a glorious dance of creativity, not just mindlessly copy and pasting across the vast universe. It’s about artfully selecting and reshaping elements from one content masterpiece to perfectly fit and flourish on other platforms, like a breathtaking flower in a variety of enchanting gardens.

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What does the whole process of repurposing Instagram content actually look like?

Now, I totally get it if you’re thinking, “Hold up, Kate, this repurposing gig sounds like a never-ending endeavor.”

But fear not, it doesn’t have to be!

Allow me to unveil my foolproof recommendations:

Step one: Get your creative juices flowing and craft a killer blog post that will make your audience swoon with delight.

Step two: Embrace the power of spreadsheets like a true organizational maven. Create a delightful little spreadsheet where you can gather and compile the quotes or content you plan to sprinkle across various platforms. Each column should represent a different platform you wish to grace with your repurposed brilliance. And within that designated space, gracefully reformat your blog post content to match the essence of that particular platform.

Step three: It’s time for posting: analyze the patterns, track the best time to post, watch the analytics, and literally become smarter with each post.

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How to figure out which content should you repurpose?

Now that you’re well-versed in the wonders of repurposed content and understand its importance in your strategy, let’s embark on a quest to uncover the hidden treasures awaiting repurposing. But where shall we begin, you ask?

Cast your gaze upon your precious insights. A splendid starting point lies within your insights. These insights shall reveal the secrets of your recent triumphs (I recommend delving into the last glorious six months of content for a comprehensive understanding).

Remix and repurpose your strongest performing posts.

You can also easily discover (yup, with our IQ Hashtags analytics, of course!) which of your content is performing the best. Make sure these ideas get higher priority.

Head over to your Hashtag Performance section and track which posts ranked the highest with the hashtags you’ve picked for them. When a particular post makes it to the top9 for a given hashtag, it means your target audience appreciated the value behind it, and thanks to it, your post has reached more people.

Ah, insights, the gateway to knowledge!

infographic explaining what you need to check along with hashtag performance

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But of course, there are also more paths to tread. Engage in market research, dear explorer, to unearth the desires and queries of your target audience. Here are swift methods to accomplish this challenge:

  • Enchant your audience with polls, quizzes, and questions within your Instagram stories.
  • Harness the power of search engines to discover the current yearnings and inquiries within your niche.
  • Discover the wondrous realms of “Answer the Public” and “Ubersuggest,” remarkable tools that unveil the desires of the people. Simply utter a keyword, and a wealth of ideas shall unveil before your eyes. Should you possess previous content on these topics, revisit them with a discerning eye, seeking opportunities for resplendent repurposing.

Remember to honor the evergreen content. These are the cherished gems, forever relevant to your profile, your brand and niche. They maintain their allure, even after months have passed, continuously providing value to your audience. While not all your content may possess this eternal quality, I implore you to dedicate at least 50-70% to evergreen wonders. When selecting content for repurposing, ensure its relevance still shines bright. Otherwise, the engagement you seek may elude your grasp, much like a fleeting dream.

With today’s guiding principles, may your journey into the realm of repurposed content be filled with splendor and triumphant engagement. Onward we go! If you have any questions – as always, don’t hesitate to ask them below, or find us on our Instagram, right there.

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