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Trending Reels Audios: How to Find Popular Sounds to Grow your Instagram

Music is at the heart of Instagram, but when it comes to finding the hottest, freshest, and most trend-setting sounds for your Instagram Reels, you have to know where to look. And, believe me, the Internet is a vast and vast place where it’s easy to get lost in the sea of noise (pun intended). But don’t worry, I’m here today to guide you through all the soundwaves and help you find the sounds that will make your Reels stand out!

🕵️ How to Find Trending Reel Songs on Instagram? What Exactly Will we Discuss Today?


What Exactly Are Instagram Trending Audios (Trending Songs and Sounds) on Instagram Reels?

A trending audio means that this specific song is being used by more and more users, and the time to jump on that trend is right now. How to tell when an audio is trending on the ‘Gram? You can distinguish a trending audio by the little up arrow next to the sound’s name.

Trending songs (or audio/sound) on Reels refers to audio that is gaining popularity due to its inclusion in Reels. However, just because a song or sound has been frequently utilized does not imply that it is now trendy. You may uncover music that has been in hundreds of thousands of Reels but is no longer trending.

The crucial factor is momentum. For example, are creators now utilizing particular audio more? Are people making more Reels by using the audio? Are they saving the audio to listen to it later?

Why Should You Research New Trending Songs For Your Instagram Reels? 

Because of the visual aspect of Instagram Reels, you may believe they’re all about the optics. As it turns out, audio is equally important!

Why? Let the data speak for itself. Digital audio accounted for 11% of total media time per day for US adults in 2020. Furthermore, more than 70% of US people listened to digital audio material at least once a month last year, with 91.7% doing so on mobile. We all love music, and it has a HUGE impact on our lives.

Incorporating popular tunes into your Reels help to attract people’s attention and increase interaction. And engagement – sure thing! Using audio in your Reels is also important since the Instagram algorithm prioritizes Reels that inspire other content producers to incorporate audio in THEIR Reels.

The advantages of using trending sounds, on the other hand, are often apparent. Among them are: 

  • Increased virality: Sounds that are beginning to trend (i.e., those with a low Reel count but a trending symbol) have a strong probability of enhancing the virality prospects of your Reel. 
  • Improved branding: You may make your brand more memorable by captivating people’s ears as well as their eyes if you develop distinctive music to accompany your Reel!
  • Improved engagement: You’re probably aware that Instagram favors Reels that incorporate music or noises that others want to add (or remix) in their own Reels. These people are interacting with your brand and sharing your audio when they do so. 

Now that you know how popular music may help you develop on Instagram, let’s talk about where you can locate these tracks. Let’s go!

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Trending Songs: How to Find Most Effective Trending Songs for Your Instagram Reels


Despite the lack of a clear “Popular” section, finding trending sounds for Instagram Reels is pretty simple (which Instagram will hopefully implement at some point). You may attempt three common approaches till then:

  • Research trending audios manually

When you hear the phrase “manual,” it seems tiresome, yet this approach may be extremely enjoyable! Remember that Instagram often modifies its UI as it adds new features, thus this solution may change in the future. 

To begin, open your Instagram app and go to the Reels Explore tab (center icon).

You may then navigate through the Reels that Instagram suggests for you. It is simple to identify popular audio: Examine the audio portion to see if you can find the “trending” arrow. Click on the one with the “trending” indicator to proceed to the audio page.

You may find out if the audio is original, how many Reels use it, and a scrollable list of those Reels on the related website. You’ll also be able to store and play the audio. 

Along with the camera icon, you’ll see a distinct Use Audio button. By clicking this, you will be sent to the Reel creation screen, where the trending music will be instantly included to your Reel!

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  • Keep an eye on Instagram’s trend reports 

Every Friday, Instagram’s @Creators account publishes Trend Reports, which typically look similar to this:

how to find trending reel songs on Instagram, Instagram trending songs, reel audio

It’s like a goldmine of great inspiration, so it’s definitely worth taking a look.

  • Our lists of trending songs and sounds

We curate our own list of trending hashtags – and as promised, I will share it every month.

Do you need an updated list of trending songs or sounds to use right now? Here’s a little spoiler!

  1. Baby I – Ariana Grande
  2. Easy On Me – Adele
  3. My Girlfriend Is A Witch – October Country
  4. A La Antigüita – Calibre 50 
  5. Original audio – @1annaonly

And – of course, there are some musicians whose music is often trending, particularly when it comes to new releases, such as:

  • Taylor Swift
  • SIA
  • Beyonce
  • SZA

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This is also our go-to spot for new discoveries. Thanks to this website you can uncover which songs are trending right now, plus you can click the “See more” button to go directly to the particular audio you want to use and save it for later. We love how simple and intuitive the platform is – one list with the most important metrics. Brilliant. 

instagram reels trending songs, how to find trending reel songs on Instagram, Instagram trending songs, reel audio

how to find trending reel songs on Instagram, Instagram trending songs, reel audio

trending songs for instagram reels

Can Business Accounts Make Advantage of Trending Sounds?

That’s a good question, glad you asked!

As we all know, owing to licensing concerns, business accounts are often unable to utilize specific music on their Instagram Stories. The same can be true with Reels, however there are a few subtle misunderstandings around that. 

When seeking popular sounds for your Reel, check for “original audio,” which is free to use as a company or brand online. We would, however, err on the side of caution when combining authentic audio with genuine music. While the sound is deemed “original,” it may take some liberties with copyright violation.

To Wrap-Up!

Now that you know where to look, you can get creative with your song selections. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different musical genres and styles. Remember that music is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t take it too seriously.

Finding trending songs for Instagram Reels all comes down to keeping an ear to the ground and being open to new music. Also, don’t forget to examine popular music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, as well as TikTok and Instagram, music blogs and websites. Above all, have fun and be creative with your song selections!

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