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how to brainstorm instagram posts with ai assistant

AI for Social Media: Instagram Post Ideas Brainstorming Session with IQ Hashtags’ AI Assistant

AI for social media is going to become your best brainstorming buddy! Last week, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, I had green tea with my close creative Instagram friend, Paulina. Paulina co-owns a beauty make-up bar in my hometown, she does one-on-one beauty and make-up coaching, and is also growing her social media profiles, and she is dreaming of growing her Instagram tribe. I was always a huge cheerleader for her ideas – she’s such an ambitious person, full of knowledge and interesting insights to share. Come on, she has to share them!

She loves consuming inspiring Reels and she reads all the lengthy in-depth captions Instapreneurs write. She also regularly listens to many industry podcasts – there are every indicator that there are people genuinely enjoying her niche. The niche holds such a huge potential, also a really significant business potential. The problem is, Paulina says she doesn’t know what to write about. She says she doesn’t want to fall into the Instagram SEO optimization trap and write for the algorithm, rather than for real people. She has a lot to share, but she’s feeling stuck, and doesn’t know where to start.

AI for Social Media: Overcoming the Instagram Creative Block Challenge

From many, many discussions with content creators and business owners, I know she’s not alone. This creative block hits everyone. Even me. Many times, when I’m deadly tired, the ideas aren’t flowing and I have to wrack my brain to write even the first sentence or come up with one good idea, or a new thought worth sharing.

It sucks to feel stuck. They say that when you’re stuck or worried or wondering what to write about next, you should write anyway, but what do you do when you don’t know what to write about? 

Ah, the infamous creative block! We’ve all been there, it can be as pesky as a persistent mosquito. At the same time, I’ve come to a delightful realization: there’s always a sneaky reason behind its arrival.

Yes, creative block may seem to descend upon us out of the blue, but oh no, it’s never random. There’s a cunning culprit lurking in the shadows, just waiting to be unmasked. And here’s the kicker: if we don’t identify and address that sneaky cause, no amount of quick-fix hacks will make it disappear.

It could be an overload of work, some nagging money worries, or even you neglecting your much-needed rest. Ah, the mysteries of life!

At the same time, I’m sure the answer lies not in brute force, but in understanding and nurturing our creative and entrepreneurial souls. So let’s take a deep breath, and figure out how we can beat our creative block.

ai assistant, AI for Social Media:

AI for Social Media:


Can AI assist to help get these creative juices flowing again?

As I’m genuinely excited about the IQ Hashtags’ feature – AI Assistant, I decided to share my results with you this time. This AI-powered assistant takes simple text prompts and turn them into unique content concept based on a selected tone of voice, and other preferences you may want to adjust. You may be an aspiring creator, or even an advanced entrepreneur facing a creative block looking for inspiration for your next Instagram masterpiece. This AI will become your writing partner and a brainstorming buddy. Like, for real.

Let’s find out how well it will perform with our today’s struggles. 

how to write better instagram posts with ai assistant

Woah – can’t deny it, this is an effective way of sparking new ideas or shaking loose bad ones for your next Instagram post. Hours spent scrounging for inspiration  from other Instagram profiles, blogs, Quora posts can be shortened to a few minutes, or even seconds.

Results from such the IQ Hashtags AI Assistant feature can then be used as inspiration for a post or be part of it entirely! I think when it comes to overcoming this terrible creative block, leveraging AI-powered tools is a huge help for every content creator and entrepreneur. Not only does it serve the purpose of exploring various new ideas you wouldn’t have otherwise – and igniting new inspiration, but is also a fun tool to explore different perspectives. The final post is completely dependent on you – the creator.

As you would have guessed, Paulina was amazed when I showed her what the AI assistant can do. I hope it will get her going, and finally she will find time to post more often – because I feel like, now, she doesn’t have to worry about new ideas.

As a content creator myself, I also find it extremely helpful to use tools like this when starting out. They provide a quick way to produce ideas and drafts which you can of course totally modify, adding your own charm and storytelling to it.

The verdict? If you’re feeling stuck right now, don’t worry, even a bit – there’s a smart solution out there for you. Try using the IQ Hashtags’ AI Assistant to help you beat creative block, and start creating quality posts. The tool has a 7-day free trial, so you can actually give it a go right away!

how to use iq hashtags ai assistant with your instagram posts

write instagram posts with ai assistant

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