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New Timesaving Feature: Hashtag Collections

New Timesaving Feature: Hashtag Collections

Hashtag Collections – your new favourite way to save all your best hashtags. Let’s step your Instagram game up; we’re happy to announce a new feature!


Why Should You Use Hashtag Collections?

Hashtags are a game-changer when it comes to reaching new people who are interested in your niche.

They’re a fundamental part of publishing content, so we’re always looking for ways to improve your hashtag research, make it more effective, simpler and faster. And here we come – with a new IQ Hashtags’ feature, “hashtag collections that will save you plenty of time. Want to hear more good news? It’s free (including our free plan)!

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Keep all ideas for hashtags in one place!

Coming up with a completely new list of hashtags every time you post on Instagram seems like a tiresome task, but IQ Hashtags’ Hashtag Collections can make this process super easy and productive.

Hashtag collections introduce another level of hierarchy in hashtag research and give you a new way to organize all your best-performance hashtags.

Like “saves” on Instagram or “boards” on Pinterest – with IQ Hashtags’ “hashtag collections” you can keep all your ideas and hashtag inspirations in one place. No more looking for the lost notes in your phone’s notepad or thinking about new hashtags for hours. With our new feature, you’ll be able to save Instagram hashtags in lists within seconds easily!

Read on for all the exciting details!


With Hashtag Collections, Organizing Your hashtags is Now Easier Than Ever

We wanted to create a revolutionary tool that will simplify your hashtag organizing. And it seems like we did it! With “hashtag collection” feature, you can:

  • create multiple hashtag lists, name them the way you like, and use different colors to keep them all more organized (the purple is there, of course!)
  • save all the hashtags directly from our IQ Hashtags’ feature Hashtag Performance
  • save all the best performing and most targeted hashtags for later and use them whenever you need them!

Organize your hashtags all in one place hashtag lists

Save hashtag lists in three comfortable ways, just the way you prefer

With IQ Hashtag’s “hashtag collections” tool, you can now save as many hashtag lists as you want right in our app and add them to your Instagram posts with one smart click. Incredible time-saver and what is more: you can choose three ways to add hashtags to your lists.

  1. You can create your lists manually and paste all your hashtags, ideas, and notes from different places (let your phone’s notepad breathe, you won’t need it anymore!)
  2. You can save the most effective hashtags directly from IQ Hashtags’ feature Hashtag Performance
  3. You can do it using the Search hashtags feature as well.

Organize your hashtags all in one place hashtag lists

No more nervous looking through all your phone notes or going into different websites or apps to find your hashtags.

Want to save time and feel the power of the most effective hashtags? We have the best solution.

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We’ve helped more than 250 000 content creators and business owners with their hashtags & Instagram, can’t wait to help you. Examine what’s working across your every post and profile with IQ Hashtags’ smart analytics!

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