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how to use ai tools effectively

AI Tools for Marketing: 6 Smart Ways to Use AI Tools in Your Everyday Life

Let’s discuss AI tools for marketing. I think this is really exciting: we already have tools with the potential to automate a significant portion of our jobs. A significant portion of our content creation process. What exactly can they do? I think the broad scope may surprise you – let me know in the comments section if there are AI tools capabilities you didn’t know about earlier! I bet there are!

AI Tools for Marketing: AI-powered tools can easily become your brainstorming partners

When you’re struggling with fresh ideas, the smartest AI tools like our IQ Hashtags’ AI Assistant can brainstorm with you, arming you with creative suggestions for your upcoming posts. To give you a spoiler:

Here’s what AI Assistant generated for me when prompted to do the following – I want to create a post about boosting my productivity.

AI tools for marketing, explanation

AI tools for marketing


I find most of them to be really intriguing – I mean, I would gladly read these posts, if I saw them on my favorite creators’ profiles! They would definitely catch my attention and make me click the carousel.

Your Assistant to create a post caption

I am quite sure a qualified and motivated, because we all know motivation is a huge factor, talented copywriter would create a much better caption, but you have to admit, this is quite impressive. I’m sure AI generated captions will not replace most clever humans, but every year, with every new update, it’s getting better and better at tasks that seemed outlandish to even suggest any AI Tool could handle mere months ago.

AI tools for marketing

Your best translator

There are also several good AI-powered translation tools on the market. By providing the AI-tools with a source text in one language, it can generate a high-quality translation in another language in a matter of seconds. This can save translators a significant amount of time, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks such as ensuring cultural relevance and accuracy, which I find super helpful.

SEO Assistant

We all know how important SEO is, so that’s a really big advantage. A few AI-powered tools are able to produce content that is optimized for search engines. By incorporating SEO keywords into the prompt, you  can generate content that is specifically tailored to rank highly in search engine results. As you most probably already know, it can help to increase traffic to your website, shop or a blog, and ultimately lead to more conversions.

Creative buddy to help you beat creative block

As I’ve already mentioned before – for me, this is the biggest superpower. You can open up IQ Hashtags’ AI Assistant and just ask for it to write you a draft of an intro for an Instagram post about a topic that’s on your mind. At least that will get you writing!

Now storytime: A few years ago I was working in a marketing agency. I’ve noticed that many times, during my marketing calls my team struggled to find the topic to start the conversation with. You know, the icebreaker. We were just silently waiting for the rest of the team to join us.  It seems almost as If we’re out of ideas about what to talk about. I noticed however that if I suggest a small discussion starter even if it is bad, it got the conversation going.

Just getting a simple stimulus can get things moving forward. 

I think it also applies to our Instagram creative juices and the whole content creation process.

Summarize long forms

That’s also a very practical use of our friends, AI-powered tools. You can summarize a lengthy article or even repurpose it, so you can reuse it on different platform. 

AI tools for marketing

To Wrap-Up!

It’s time to make friends with AI. We really look forward to the future of AI since there are so many new things happening within just weeks. With the next IQ Hashtags’ AI-powered features around the corner, one can only imagine how the quality of your content creation process will skyrocket.

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