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How to Be a Content Creator? How to Create Content Consistently Even When Life Is Crazy, and You’re Extremely Busy?

How to be a content creator nowadays? How to create content consistently even when life is crazy, and you’re extremely busy?

Making an effort to create content on a regular basis but finding it difficult since life gets in the way? Here’s some assistance! One of the most common inquiries I get from my followers and readers is about my ability to create fresh content regularly. Another question often follows this question:

How can I film these new Reels and come up with extended captions regularly when I: 

  • Am really busy? 
  • Have children?
  • Live an insanely chaotic existence?
  • Am homeschooling my children? 

As an Instagram creator, consistency is essential. Your followers and potential followers must know what to anticipate, and you must then deliver on your promises. It contributes to the development of trust. But, trust me – I know it myself too, that consistency may be difficult to achieve when life gets really chaotic. But I do have some suggestions! So I decided to take some time today to discuss how to create content more regularly.

How to Be a Content Creator? Examine your content creation and posting schedule

How often do you WISH to produce fresh content? What is the perfect amount of postings each week (or month) for you? Take some time to analyze this. One issue is closely related to another: how often do your followers wish to see original content from you? 

Do you have a certain number in mind? Great! 

Now, please do me a favor.

Take that number and divide it by two. This makes your posting schedule more appropriate for your stressful life. Thus, if you think once a week is a nice amount, try twice a month. Reduce your posting frequency from twice a week to once a week. If you believe your audience expects to hear from you on a regular basis, publish every other day instead. 

There is no ideal amount of Instagram posts to publish in a given week or month. Each content creator must determine what is best for them. And that might shift over time. Nevertheless, if you set your standard too high, you cannot meet it regularly. 

Don’t worry about how many posts you’ll be able to publish in a good week when everything is going swimmingly. Instead, consider what you can honestly commit to, even when life is busy. 

And what is the most significant advantage of doing so? All of your posts will now have a more fantastic range. And your content creation will take less time for the rest of your life.

Write down all your content ideas. 

It takes much longer to create a new piece of content if you don’t know what you will talk about. Therefore have a list of potential ideas available to use! Add anything that comes to mind that you believe might make a fantastic post or Reel to your idea list. Then, when you sit down to create, you won’t have to start from scratch. 

You may get ideas for your list from a variety of sources, including: 

  • Flipping through Instagram Explore Section
  • Going through the comments on your industry’s blog posts
  • Looking through your emails for frequently asked questions 
  • Using social media to communicate with your target audience
  • Looking over your earlier posts to see what you missed or what has changed

Don’t be concerned with fleshing out the concepts. Just jot them down. This will enable them to enter the deepest regions of your creative mind. And you may think about them when you’re working on other things. Continue to jot down your thoughts as they occur to you. Because the more you educate your brain to search for ideas, the more you’ll discover!

Make growing your Instagram account a priority

Nobody has time to create crazy amounts of Reels or carousels. I certainly don’t! I need to prioritize it in my life. It means that creating fresh content takes precedence over viewing the newest episode of White Lotus. It’s more urgent than sitting back and reading. 

If it’s a Friday and I haven’t previously planned a Reel, filming one MUST be my top priority for that particular morning. That has to be completed because that is the promise I made to myself. It works.

Make a promise to yourself to MAKE TIME FOR CREATING AND POSTING. I guarantee it will get easier. The more you force yourself to sit down and create a piece, the more it will become a habit. 

It will soon become a regular part of your weekly/monthly routine. And you won’t have to worry about it, fear it, or make excuses for not doing it nearly as frequently.

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Create content ahead

When I can make it happen, this is my favorite tip. 

If you’re on a roll and truly into creating, go ahead and batch content a few of your posts. So don’t even think of hitting the publish button on them. Instead, prepare them to go. And then save them to your drafts.

You may also plan them ahead of time. So start working on next week’s Reels immediately. Then, instead of not creating new ones next week, create other ones. Then plan them for the next week. You’ll always be a week ahead this way. You also have a built-in buffer for when things become hectic in life. 

I prefer to leave a few Reels unplanned and simply hang around on ‘Gram. So these are my last-ditch efforts.

Always have a Plan B

I have a backup plan when something unexpected occurs, and I realize I won’t be able to publish a new Reel by my Friday morning deadline. 

This is to reuse my older material. 

I have 56 drafts that I can repurpose. So I hunt for one that is easy to “pimp up”. Then I recreate it. I give it a quick makeover, create new captions, and remove the old ones. 

And, presto, I’ve got a Reel ready to go with minimal effort on my part. 

Nothing is wrong with updating your content. In fact, it’s a really wise decision. When you truly don’t have the time to create completely new material you regularly do, your backup plan should be something you can accomplish fast.

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Double down on what works best

We all tend to look for inspiration around us to get unblocked, but we need to remember that we have a perfect assistant at our doorstep – insights and data analysis! Analyze your statistics quickly and efficiently to gain valuable insights and know what content performs best. Look, by collecting and analyzing data, you can create more engaging content, monetize your efforts much quicker, and attract more followers.

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You need to understand your audience – one of the key reasons diving into the insights is essential is to understand your current community better. With data, you can learn about their preferences, the topics they’re most interested in, the time they spend consuming your content, and so much more. This data really can help you fine-tune your content, make it more relevant and engaging to your followers, and, ultimately, attract more people.

Remember, you can make your life easier with our IQ Hashtags Tool – and the Followers Analysis feature we’ve developed to make the process much more stress-free.

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How to be a content creator in 2024

Monitoring and evaluating your ‘Gram development is critical for a variety of reasons. For starters, it enables you to track the exposure of your posts, which is essential for generating new prospective followers. You can examine how your posts perform and uncover new improvement areas by analyzing your insights, hashtag performance, and other vital data on a regular basis using the IQ Hashtags tool. Finally, it will help you in optimizing your content strategy and structure for improved Instagram search success. You may acquire insights into what is and isn’t working for your profile and make adjustments to optimize your content effectiveness by evaluating your Instagram data and understanding your audience’s habits and tendencies!

The Final Word

The first step in becoming more consistent is accepting that you will not be 100% of the time. Consistency is essential. Yup, of course. Consistency is indeed vital for the accomplishment of any effort. Yet the crushing sensation of failure when you break your constancy with anything is also natural. It’s so discouraging that the desire to start again is often lost!

Keep your goals in mind. Believe in baby steps. Build a strong foundation. Develop a more enthusiastic and positive relationship with the idea of consistency

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