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When Is the Best Time to Post on Instagram in 2023? [How to Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior And Figure It Out]

Are you wondering what is the best time to post on Instagram today? If you want to grow on Instagram, you need sharp focus in three areas: consistency in creating high-quality content, attracting new potential followers (your target audience), and – that’s really important!- understanding your current audience’s behaviors and tendencies to make data-driven decisions and level-up your ‘Gram strategy.

Neglect any one of these, and the long-term success of your profile could be in jeopardy.

Today, let’s focus on the latter. To maximize your reach and ensure you’re truly reaching your followers, you’ve got to analyze your audience’s behaviors and track how they use the platform.

Let’s start with a series of simple questions. Just kidding, we know they aren’t that simple, but we need to ask them anyway.

Do you know when your followers are most active?

Do you know the best times for you to post new Reels?

Do you know when your followers use the platform and when they will most likely see your posts?

How do we know these questions aren’t easy to answer for most Instagram creators and business owners? They’re landing in our inboxes all the time. Unfortunately, Instagram-in-app analytics (the native analytics) doesn’t arm you with answers to these questions – at least, not the specific ones you need. And that’s a real problem. Well, it used to be.

Until now. Why? Let us explain. We have a solution.

How can you analyze and find out what’s the best time to post? When is your audience most likely to see your beautiful, fresh content? It’s time to address one of the most common Instagram questions we get. Let’s go!

The Best Time to Post on Instagram Today. Why Do You Need to Know the Best Time to Post on Your Instagram Profile?

According to one of the recent Statista researches from across the world, mobile users typically spend an average of 11.2-11.7 hours per month on our favorite platform – Instagram. That would be around 1% of their monthly time. So what does it mean for you? Well, one in a hundred chances of capturing your users while they’re on the ‘Gram.

That’s why discovering the pattern and posting when your most engaged users are online will make a HUGE difference.

If you post when your followers are online, your fresh content is much more likely to be one of the first things they see while scrolling. This will boost your engagement, which is a key ranking factor when it comes to the current Instagram algorithms and the way they “rate” how engaging your content is.

instagram screenshot with a text next to it, explaining how to analyze followers tendencies on instagram and how to know what's the best time to post new content on instagram to get higher engagement and more likes

Is There Any Universal Rule – the Best Time to Post on Instagram That Works For All Creators? 

Is there really a best time to post to Instagram?

No. There’s no one answer for all. If you ask for a magic number, something like 3:33 on Wednesdays, then not. That’s just not possible.

Why? To exemplify it better, look: Kate’s audience lives in a different time zone than yours. That’s just one of the factors – our audiences live in multiple time zones. The best time to post on Instagram totally depends on your audience. Each audience behaves differently depending on where they are in the world, what their lifestyle is, what age they are, and many, many other factors.

The best posting time isn’t really only about when you post, it’s mostly about when your followers are able to consume that content and when they use the platform.

That’s why you need to have accurate info and data to rely on. Otherwise, you’re just stabbing in the dark and hoping for the best. Do we want that? Nah.

Actually, being able to parse and analyze data is an essential skill for anyone who wants to grow an Instagram profile. And that’s what we’re going to teach you today. 

instagram screenshot with a text next to it, explaining how to analyze instagram analytics and how to know which insights tell you what's the best time to post on instagram

How to Figure Out the Best Time For You to Post on Instagram: Make Data Your BEST FRIEND

Navigating with data and in-depth insights can be a complex process. But hey, it doesn’t have to be (at least not with the solution we’re providing)!

Let’s start with the basics:

What is analytics?

Simply put, “Analytics is the whole process of discovering and interpreting significant patterns in data.”

Why do we love analytics so much? Analytics involves diving deeper into your Instagram metrics to understand the why behind your growth or the lack of it. This enables you to make better decisions regarding your content and the whole Instagram strategy.

You can always rely on data. And, well, you should if you want to grow on the ‘Gram much quicker.

How to figure out the best time for you to post on Instagram? You can already predict our answer: by diving deeper into your analytics. Only this will make it easier to answer your burning questions and make informed decisions.

“But hey, Instagram-in-app analytics don’t arm me with such insights. They’re not detailed and extensive enough. WHAT SHOULD I DO?”

Hold on, we’ve got your back.

iq hashtags screenshot explaining why analysing instagram insights is so crucial to grow on instagram in 2023

Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior and Their Tendencies With IQ Hashtags

For the past 4 years, we’ve been focused on building the best Instagram analytics tool on the market. In that time, we’ve learned just how complex Instagram marketing and the content creators’ world can be. Every Instagram profile, every creator and business owner standing behind it is completely unique — as well as their target audience, niche, Instagram goals, content strategy, the products and services they offer. 

But do you know what is this one thing that every, EVERY creator and business owner who wants to grow on the ‘Gram has in common?

They need data to level up their Instagram growth – whether they realize it, or not (yet). 

Data is a vital resource every Instagram creator has to use to help understand their niche, their audience, their business and its potential on the ‘Gram, and take action based on the insight the process uncovers.

Our learning over the past four years has taught us that Instagram creators and business owners don’t just need a tool to track their Instagram metrics and research well-targeted hashtags but a platform that allows them to:

  • analyze all the factors that are impacting their Instagram growth
  • track growth in time and have a beautiful visualization to understand it even better
  • gather all the critical analytics in one place, so it’s always easily accessible
  • dive deeper into their audience’s patterns and tendencies to understand them on a deeper level

It’s all this learning that led us to building the most advanced Instagram analytics & hashtag research tool you can be using TODAY. 

Loyal followers are at the core of every successful Instagram profile. And at IQ Hashtags, we truly understand that, so we continually push our limits to bring you the most comprehensive set of Instagram analytics features, so you can keep a weather eye on EVERYTHING. That’s why we’ve added a new feature to our Followers Analysis Section – Followers Activity.

Success is, mostly, about measuring the right metrics.

Your followers’ activity is one of these. That’s even more obvious than the fact that tacos from Taco Bell are highly addictive.

screenshot explaining how to check what's the best time to post on instagram in 2023

What Can You Learn From the Followers Activity Feature?

Studying your followers’ behavior with IQ Hashtags; Followers Activity is giving you a window into understanding your audience you wouldn’t have otherwise.

With this feature, you can quickly analyze what’s the best and the worst time for posting on your profile. And, as you may easily guess, it’s not set in stone – it may change every week or month, depending on your followers’ tendencies and patterns. And, woohoo, you can finally track it and monitor it!

You can go even further than that.

iq hashtags screenshot explaining how to find out what's the best time to post new reels on instagram to get higher engagement

The Followers Activity feature displays a visual heatmap that shows the exact days and times when your audience is most active on Instagram. Use this information as a guide to schedule posts to go live during peak engagement times, ensuring that more followers will see your content. 

One of the key benefits of the Followers Activity feature is that it allows businesses and influencers to better understand their audience. By understanding when your followers are most active, you can create content that is more likely to be seen and engaged with. For example, if you see that your followers are most active on Mondays and Wednesdays between 1-2 PM, you can schedule posts for those days to increase the likelihood of engagement.

Another benefit of the Followers Activity feature is that it can help you to identify patterns in your followers’ behavior. For example, if you see that their followers are most active during the evening, you may choose to schedule posts for later in the day to increase engagement. This will help all of you, business owners and influencers to create more effective content and reach your target audience more easily.

iq hashtags screenshot explaining how you can analyze what's the best time to post new content on instagram and how to interpret the insights

To Wrap-Up!

The key takeaway? Start analyzing your Instagram audience today. Start analyzing your followers’ behaviors. Analytics and diving deeper into your audience’s behaviors are necessary; both are EXTREMELY valuable. Take our IQ Hashtags’ Followers Activity feature for a spin to figure out when your audience is using the platform and when is the best time to post on Instagram.

PS. Once you’ve got your insight-driven next Instagram steps— you know, it’s essential you take action and adjust your ‘Gram strategy!

analytics screenshot to explain how to discover what is the best day and hour to post on instagram in 2023

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