Jun 29
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Presenting Our New UI and Two New Hashtag Search Metrics

It’s time to introduce you to our new UI! We strive to be the most user-friendly Instagram solution on the market, serving many corners of the ‘Gram industry with comprehensive features and the most advanced analytics and research functions.

For over 4 years, we have continuously added new IQ Hashtags features to better meet your needs – our clients, creators, ambitious entrepreneurs, and business owners, enabling the most intuitive and unforgettable experiences throughout. The new UI of our hashtag search not only maintains the simple, intuitive feel that our tool is known for but also expands its feature set (we’ve recently added two important metrics – estimated Competition Score and Potential Reach for each hashtag), allowing you to have access to even more IQ Hashtags capabilities, of course without sacrificing ease of use!

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Our New UI – IQ Hashtags Design Refresh

Our design refresh brings this breath of fresh air and new exciting features empowering our users with increased efficiency and – that’s even more important – an unparalleled user experience.

They say, “a good design is often apparent when you don’t even remember what the old one was like”, and we already know many of you agree with this statement. Confession time: trust us, we remain extremely committed to continuously enhancing our tool based on your feedback and evolving Instagram market demands.

But hey, how did IQ Hashtags get here?

No, no, this wasn’t a random decision. NOT AT ALL. Like much of the functionality of our tool, it was informed by data and your feedback.

We took the time to understand what you needed, and our IT, UI, and Customer Service team worked collaboratively to create a refreshed design that meets those needs while expanding our tools’ capabilities!

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What You Can Expect From Our New UI

The new UI brings this cleaner, more modern look and feel to IQ Hashtags, with improved navigation, updated icons, and colors. And two new metrics have been added to the Hashtag Search feature!

We are beyond excited to unveil the design refresh in our new UI, which results from intensive collaboration with YOU! By incorporating your feedback, we have created an even more intuitive and user-friendly experience that will empower you to achieve your Instagram goals effectively.

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Feedback? Thoughts? Yes, please! Always! We hope you enjoy the newly made-over IQ Hashtags. There are a few new metrics and features in our Hashtag Search tab that we didn’t get to in this blog post, so check them out.

If you’re already an IQ Hashtags member, definitely let us know your feedback at [email protected]
If you’re not an IQ Hashtags user just yet, please poke around and also let us know what you think! Happy discovering and… Analyzing!

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