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explanation on why your instagram reach is so low in 2023, Instagram reach drop

Why is Your Instagram Reach Suddenly So Low? Fix an Instagram Reach Drop in 2023: 3 Ways

Why are your Instagram views going down? Today, we’ll discuss all the mistakes that can decrease your Instagram reach and make organic views drop, of course, along with the top tips to boost them back again.

Lately, Instagram creators (yup, even the top ones) have been asking us: Hey, IQ Hashtags, why are my Instagram views going down and down, and why do I struggle to maintain my views so much? Do you know what can be the reason behind this serious issue? I’m worried about my Instagram reach down lately, and I’m trying to understand the reasons behind it.

“Yeah, I went from getting 80k-200k views to around 2000 to maybe 9000 views. I thought I was going crazy and something was wrong.  I swear Instagram changes up the algorithm every month”.

That’s just one of the hundreds of worries we hear every day. This feeling of helplessness that there is nothing you can do to boost your numbers and you’re at the mercy of the Instagram algorithm is the worst. We know it ourselves. But don’t worry at all! Knowing what to do when your Reels views drop is a matter of understanding how the Instagram algorithms work, the main reasons why views and reach might drop, and the safest ways to get more views to reach your new, potential followers.

That’s what we’re here for today.

 Why are my Instagram Reels not getting views? Why don’t my Instagram posts reach anybody? Instagram reach down – what might be causing it? There are a few main reasons for low view counts. Let’s take a look at them. Then, we’ll talk in detail about how to avoid these issues. Let’s go!


Instagram Reach Drop: Is Instagram Getting Oversaturated? 

I’ve heard this theory more times than I can count. Well, of course the amount of active creators is also one of the 100 reasons that lead to lower reach. The popularity of Instagram itself has its pros and cons. As Instagram provided a platform and tools for artists, creators, and aspiring influencers to showcase and develop their influence, talent, and skills, its popularity and the hype soared high in the sky. It means a cutthroat competition for likes, views, and attention! But competition and the high number of creators is not the only reason behind the Instagram reach drop; there are many other reasons, too. So, let’s look closely at those reasons and find out how you can fix them to get your high organic reach back up.


Instagram Reach Down. Why Did My Instagram Reels Stop Getting Views?

First, let’s focus on the Reels format. Your new Reels will get most of their views within the first 24-48 hours on Instagram. That’s the amount of time Instagram actively promotes new Reels, pushing them to the top of the search, suggested Reels, and explore section.

Of course, for some Reels that take off, that get hundreds and thousands of views and shares daily, that’s more to the algorithm than this “freshness factor”.Instagram’s algorithms are complex systems that determine the visibility and ranking of Reels and static posts on the platform. 

They use various factors, such as user engagement, relevance to new, trending topics, and relevance to the individual user, to determine which Reels are shown to users in their Reels feed. The platform aims to maximize user engagement and keep users inside the Instagram app for as long as possible.

If you are not getting as much engagement (likes, comments, shares, saves) as before on your Reels, it can lower your content’s visibility to others on Instagram.


Is Instagram Lowering Your Reach?

Another reason your content views might decrease is that the algorithm constantly learns how to deliver new posts to different audiences. But unfortunately, it’s not always a fluid learning process. Not the way we wish it to be.

Sometimes Instagram tests your posts on a new audience – and when it doesn’t get the positive signals, it just stops delivering it. When this happens, the algorithm will often take some time before it starts testing the post with new groups.  


Fix Your Instagram Reach Drop – 4 Potential reasons why your Instagram Posts are not getting views

Of course, like with any other social media, your Instagram content needs fresh eyeballs to succeed. Why are your posts underperforming? Let’s investigate the case!

You don’t know your audience and what type of content they’d like to see from you

First and foremost, you need to keep in mind who your target audience is when brainstorming your new post ideas.  What are they TRULY interested in? What kind of content do they typically respond to?

If you already have an Instagram presence, it should be easy for you to analyze it, find this information. Simply look at your existing analytics data using IQ Hashtags Reels Metrics and Profile Analysis. Track what kind of content worked best for your account before you noticed a Instagram reach drop or engagement drop, and try to double it down to boost your numbers again. This is actually the smartest practice in the long run.

Analyze your profile’s data and see what you can learn about your audience and what works for them.

You really can increase your performance by analyzing.

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You are using the wrong hashtags or the wrong Instagram keywords 


Choosing the wrong hashtags or keywords can also harm your organic reach. What does wrong mean in this case? Too general, too popular, too niche (= too small), or irrelevant hashtags and keywords. 

Instagram, just like Google, discourages keyword stuffing and using keywords and hashtags that don’t do much with your content.  The best solution? Save yourself some time by using tools like IQ Hashtags – that way, you’ll not only speed up the whole process but also significantly improve the quality of the hashtags and keywords you’re posting. Plus, you’ll track the hashtag performance and observe which ones give you the best results.

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Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 22.52.26 min

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 22.53.11 min

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 22.53.03 min

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explanation of instagram reach down, instagram reach drop


Your hooks aren’t engaging enough 


I’m sure you’ve heard it before: the first 3 seconds of your Reels are crucial. If you can’t grab your potential followers’ attention in 3 seconds, you will probably lose them forever.

So, it’s worth ensuring that your hook (verbal or visual) is extremely engaging and captivating. Sure, sometimes you pick the clever and sassy one, and sometimes it’s just an attention-grabbing statement. Either way, it needs to invite people to finish watching your content or reading your post/caption.

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 22.51.10

Your content is too long

As the attention span of most Instagram users is limited (as they also use TikTok and their brains are being bombarded with impulses), it’s EXTREMELY important to get your point across really quickly. Even Instagram recommends that Reels should be ideally around 15-20 seconds long.

Screenshot 2023 09 04 at 22.53.30 min

Final Word!

Knowing why your Instagram posts are getting few, if any, views can be tricky. There are a lot of factors that go into scoring well on the ‘Gram algorithm! However, fortunately, there are many ways to fix it. We hope our today’s guide will help you boost your reach and Instagram algorithm will push your content to the right people.


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