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how to be authentic on instagram

Being Authentic on Instagram: How Being Yourself Can Drive Business Growth on Instagram

Being authentic is a big thing. But how to be authentic on social media platforms? As I sat in front of my computer, scrolling through Instagram, I couldn’t help but notice how many brands were attempting to portray themselves as something they were not. It reminded me of a quote by Franz Kafka, “I am a cage, in search of a bird.” The birds in this scenario are the clients, searching for something they can connect with, personally. When a brand portrays themselves as something they’re not, they’re essentially creating a cage around themselves and trapping their potential followers and customers in the process.

I still believe authenticity is the key to unlocking the cage and allowing your brand to soar. According to a study by Stackla, 86% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they like and support. This means that being true to who you are as a brand is crucial in today’s market. In my opinion, Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your brand’s authenticity and spark.

As a content creator myself, I also notice the importance of staying true to my voice and style. The same goes for brands on Instagram. When you stay true to your brand’s voice and values, you’re more likely to attract a loyal following that truly resonates with your mission and vision. It’s like the words of the great philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “I am not a man, I am dynamite.” When your brand is authentic, it has the potential to explode in popularity and attract a following that will stick with you for the long haul.

And that’s our goal, right?

Authenticity can definitely help you stand out in a crowded market. In a sea of generic, cookie-cutter brands, authenticity is like a beacon of light that draws people in. In fact, according to a study by Edelman, 63% of consumers would buy from a brand they consider to be authentic over its competitors. That’s a significant number that should be addressed.

Being Authentic – What Does it Really Mean?

As a content creator, I’ve always found it fascinating how we use the word “authenticity” so often, it already sounds cliche, yet we rarely stop to consider what it truly means. In my (humble) opinion, to be authentic means to be genuine, to be true to yourself and your beliefs. That’s for sure. But in today’s society, authenticity seems to have somehow become a buzzword, something that is talked about more than practiced. We live in a world where social media and marketing have taken over, where people are more concerned with projecting an image of that Instagrammable perfection than being true to who they are. It’s easy to get lost in the noise and forget that at the heart of every successful business is a real person with real values and beliefs.

But hey, being authentic isn’t just a feel-good concept – it’s also good for business. According to a study by Edelman, 64% of consumers make purchases based on shared values with a brand. When you are authentic, you attract like-minded people who believe in what you stand for, and that can drive business growth. So, to be authentic means not just being true to yourself, but also being true to your customers and clients. It means showing up as you are, flaws and all, and building a relationship based on trust and mutual values.

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How to be authentic?

How to be Authentic? How Authenticity Helps to Create Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, and let me tell you: this is especially true when it comes to business. Unfortunately, in a world where we are constantly bombarded with ads and marketing posts, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

Authenticity can help to bridge that gap and create a sense of trust between businesses and their followers on the ‘Gram. When you are authentic, you show your followers that you are a real person with real values, emotions and beliefs. This makes them more likely to trust you and feels that deep connection with you.

As Plato once said, “At a touch of love everyone becomes an artist” And the same can be said for authenticity – when we are authentic, we touch the hearts of our followers and create a bond that goes beyond mere transactions.

Building THAT genuine connection with the audience

Building a genuine connection with your audience on Instagram can be a challenging but so rewarding experience. It requires a level of vulnerability and openness that can be uncomfortable for some of you, but it also sets successful brands apart from the rest. When you connect with your audience on a personal level, you are not just selling a product or service, you are creating a relationship based on trust and mutual understanding. A person-to-person relationship. According to a study by Sprout Social, 86% of consumers say authenticity is a key factor in their decision to support a brand.

This means that building a genuine connection with your audience can significantly impact your business’s success.

But how do you do it?

It starts with understanding your audience, what they care about, and what they need. Then, you need to listen to them and engage with them on a personal level, rather than just pushing your own agenda and your own needs. By doing this, you will build a community of loyal followers who are invested in your brand and who will advocate for you.

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Being authentic

How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market

Standing out in a crowded market on Instagram is no easy feat, we already know that. With millions of businesses vying for attention on the platform, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to make your brand stand out at first. But in the words of Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

This means that by focusing on what makes your brand unique and authentic, you can create a greater whole than the competition. One way to do this is by leveraging the power of storytelling. According to a study by Nielsen, 92% of consumers say they want ads that feel like a story. By telling your brand’s story, you can create an emotional connection with your audience that sets you apart from the rest.

How Authenticity Can Attract Like-minded Customers

When you are authentic, you attract people who resonate with your values, beliefs, and perspectives. That’s the biggest reward. It’s like a magnet that attracts like-minded individuals to your Instagram profile, which can lead to a deeper connection and a more engaged audience.

Authenticity can also help to build trust and credibility with your followers, as they can sense when someone is being genuine and transparent. When you create content that is authentic and true to your values, you will attract followers who share those same values, and that can lead to a more loyal and dedicated following. Tip number one here? Don’t be afraid to be yourself on Instagram, embrace your uniqueness and let it shine through in everything you do – every post, every behind the scenes Instagram story.

Turning Clients and Instagram Followers Into Brand advocates

As a content creator myself, I’ve always believed that true success is not only measured by sales, but by the loyal following of clients turned into brand advocates. And what better way to turn customers into advocates than through Instagram? With its power to build meaningful connections, Instagram has become a crucial social media tool for brands to engage with their followers and build a community of like-minded individuals. It’s like a beautiful cycle of connection, trust, and influence that can only be achieved through authenticity and a genuine desire to connect with others. So, whether you’re a small business owner or a global brand, remember that the true magic of Instagram lies in the ability to turn customers into loyal brand advocates, and we should all aim for that.

The importance of aligning values with actions

In today’s world, it’s not enough to just talk about what you stand for – you have to live it. And show it. Document the behind the scenes. The same goes for building a brand on Instagram. Your values need to be at the heart of everything you do. Authenticity is key, but it’s not just about being true to yourself. It’s about being true to your values, and making sure that your actions (and your posts!) reflect them. When your values are aligned with your actions, you’ll build trust with your audience, and that trust can translate into brand loyalty. It’s a powerful thing, but it’s not always easy to achieve. It requires a lot of self-reflection and strategy. But in the end, it’s worth it.

how to be authentic on instagram

Being authentic – To Wrap-Up!

The world is a strange and unpredictable place, where Instagram trends come and go like passing clouds. Yet, in the midst of all the chaos, authenticity, especially when you’re growing your social media accounts, remains a constant that we can always count on. And nowhere is this more true than on Instagram, the popular social media platform where users go to share their most intimate moments and personal stories.

In a world where fake news and false advertising run rampant, people are hungry for something real, something they can trust. That’s why this authenticity is more important now than ever before. It is about being raw and unfiltered, or is it something deeper, something that goes beyond the surface level. The answer lies in who we are and how we choose to show up in the world.

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