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get instagram verified for free in 2023

How To Get Verified on Instagram in 2023: Top Tips for a Successful Application

How to get verified on Instagram?! We’ve all witnessed it before, that coveted blue checkmark gracing an Instagram username. It instantly radiates an air of sophistication and exclusivity. But how on earth does one go about earning it? That symbol stands for “verification” by Instagram, a status that not only bestows authority upon your account but also broadcasts your credibility effortlessly. How exactly can one obtain the Instagram verification badge?

In the not-so-distant past, securing an Instagram verification was an elusive feat. Praying that your account would be chosen was the only recourse. Those distinctive blue check marks were a luxury mainly reserved for big influencers, top celebrities and renowned brands, like hm, Kim Kardashian or Mercedes.

Would you like to be verified on Instagram as well?

Get Verified on Instagram: Yes, You Can Pay for that Blue Checkmark and Instagram Verification, but You Can Also Get it for Free

As you most probably know, lately the scenario has transformed. You can pay for verification now, but we’ll focus on getting it without paying.

You still possess the ability to request verification, yet of course – that’s the worst – not every submission will be accepted. Let’s break down the step-by-step strategy on how to get verified on Instagram, coupled with the precise eligibility benchmarks that maximize your odds of approval. We won’t focus on the fact that you can buy this blue mark – because that’s the easiest way to do it, and achieve the mark almost instantly. Of course, that’s also an option. But that’s not our today’s topic!

The Path to Instagram Verification: 

  1. Begin the journey by accessing your account settings. This involves tapping the three-line icon situated at the upper right corner of your profile and selecting ‘settings’ at the base.
  2. Scroll downwards to locate and activate the ‘request verification‘ option.
  3. Following this, you’ll be prompted to furnish the subsequent information: 
  • Your Instagram Username (the account you’re presently logged into and wish to verify)
  • Your Legal Full Name (input the name precisely as it appears on official identification; for businesses, provide the primary shareholder’s name)
  • Alias (for instance, Tombakescheesecakes, if that’s your company’s name)
  • Account Category (pick the option that closely aligns with your account)
  • A Valid Photo ID (acceptable options include passport, driver’s license, national ID card, or official business documents like tax papers or recent utility bills)

Get Verified on Instagram, explanation of how to achieve it

Upon input, submit your application and await the verdict. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t specify the waiting duration, so we can exercise our patience.

Factors Affecting Instagram Verification:

  • Authenticity: Your account should represent an actual individual, business, or entity. Accounts labeled as “fan” pages, such as those devoted to our favorite celebrities, don’t fall under this category.
  • Uniqueness: Instagram doesn’t typically verify accounts associated with general interests or those reposting content. The posts and content being shared must be uniquely your own.
  • Public & Comprehensive: Verified accounts must be public and feature a fully completed bio. This entails having a profile picture and a substantial archive of posts. Crafting a comprehensive, optimized bio is fundamental on Instagram, and this principle holds even truer here.
  • No Cross-Promotion: Eliminate any “add me” links encouraging users to follow you on other platforms. The provided link should exclusively redirect users to your website, store, or your main landing page. 

Get Verified on Instagram

  • Notability: In the past, verification was largely exclusive to celebrities, but Instagram now assesses accounts showcased across reputable news outlets. This is where many applications get thwarted! Having a well-received brand isn’t sufficient if your reach is confined to your own website. Instagram seeks global recognition and prominence. Keep in mind that paid or promotional content is not considered valid.

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