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Is AI good for the society?

The AI Era: Dispelling Myths and Embracing Opportunities

AI. ​​Lifesaver, the help we all need or job killer? AI tools are really polarizing the world right now. From what I see and hear all around me, online and offline as well, hype and fear collide all the time. I can’t deny it, Artificial Intelligence is on everyone’s lips!

Because I live and breath the topic, as I work in marketing, in a field where we incorporated AI-powered features into our daily work a long time ago, I decided to create this post and share my knowledge and best kept secrets – to debunk the AI myths, set the record straight, share my experiences, and all the lessons I’ve learnt along the way, and of course, show you how easily it can become your help to boost your productivity and expand your creativity.

It’s Time to Make Friends with AI

People discovered that with with AI-powered tools you can actually automate repetitive tasks we all hate and automate many processes. It can also help you streamline your workflow by automating tasks that would normally take up SO MUCH time. Thanks to AI tools’ advanced language processing capabilities you can quickly generate well-written and informative content as well. That’s why it can handle a lot of tasks with ease.

And that’s also really important to see the bigger picture: many business gurus say that generative AI looks like tech’s next boom – and they’re most probably right. San Francisco’s tech scene is back. Back? Yes, before, because of pandemic-era closings, San Francisco became somewhat of a ghost town for two long years. After the pandemic effectively shut down the city for two years, it became dead and silent. Now, the generative-AI boom has picked up!

This is a very exciting time for AI. AI research companies and Big Tech have spent the last decade developing new AI models and training them with more data than ever before. This means models are getting very good at generating human-quality text, images and sound. AI is moving so fast!

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Is AI Good or Bad for Our Society?

Many people have different opinions on this. My opinion? This largely depends on what you’re using AI for, because we don’t know the limits of AI growth just yet.

I believe that automating low-level work is a great thing, because it makes us more productive, and that way we can’t focus on more important, and more complex parts of our work. That way we can go on much quicker.

Now we can’t deny – this looks like the beginning of a new era of AI that is already revolutionizing the way we create content, build websites, and interact with each other. There’s no question that AI is revolutionizing the content creation world, and it will impact all of us. We’re lucky enough to observe it, and see the AI growth. Exciting, right?

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Will AI-Powered Tools Replace Content Creators?

Are we going to lose our jobs because of AI? When will that happen?

It depends! I’m sure we definitely need to reskill the workforce in light of AI tools, but exactly who and when are still big questions. If there are huge shifts in the economy because of AI, it’s obvious we’ll have to think about how we make sure people can continue to earn their living in the new reality.

While so many creative people around me worry that AI will replace us, I believe that we are actually in the industry that will ALWAYS require humans to be at its core. AI is not stripping away the human factor from content creation.

Instead, it is stripping away the heaviness of some content creation processes so that we can move forward lighter, act quicker, and make smarter decisions with more time and more intelligence.

From my perspective, when it comes to content creation, AI can’t replace humans entirely, but rather augment our work, help us find better solutions and ideas faster and make labor intensive tasks like research, preparing a draft much quicker.

There’s a great deal of value in using this technology to enhance our creativity, and I see it that way.

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