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Hashtags – the essential factor of long term Instagram-marketing strategy. You definitely should pay attention to them right now. In fact, hashtags still pull a lot, way more than you think, of weight on the playground when it comes to helping you attract new audiences.

Hashtag research is so essential if you do any kind of content marketing or if you want to attract and reach your ideal audience. A good hashtag strategy all starts with hashtag research. There’s a whole lot to hashtag strategies, but at the end of the day, if you’re not doing hashtag research and picking hashtags that make sense for your content, you’re probably wasting your time. It’s no wonder that most creators use hashtags as a MAJOR way to broaden the content visibility and reach new potential followers.

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Are the hashtags you choose working for you?

To dive into your choices’ efficiency, you need to know the results your hashtags bring you. Are you choosing the right ones? Are they relevant? To answer these questions, we need to focus on hashtag performance. IQ Hashtags provide you a feature thanks to which you can check which hashtags have performed best and have provided the most significant reach for your posts so you can have many “eureka moments”. 

A hashtag giving you extensive reach means more likes and new followers – that’s why you need to know which ones have the potential to become such traffic providers for your posts. With Hashtag Performance tool you can analyze the connection between the time of your post, engagement, and hashtag reach. These detailed data will bring you beneficial insights into your content visibility.

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Your post’s position in the top 9 sections

To grow your Instagram account, you need to attract new eyes and new engaged followers. The Instagram Hashtags Performance feature gives you access to information on whether the hashtags you used helped you win a position in the top 9 for each particular hashtag. Furthermore, it keeps you informed about the top position reached for a given hashtag (when you have already reached the top 9 section). What is beneficial as well – you can view your current position in recent posts for the specific, given hashtag (you can check each one of them).

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This option gives you a lot of feedback on your hashtags selection, and you can draw valuable, strategic conclusions from the analysis. It will help you develop and implement an arsenal of the most effective, best-performing hashtag strategies.

Time will tell – how your post’s visibility changes in time?

Actually, not only will time tell, but our diagrams will tell you best. We provide you with a scrutiny of the way your posts’ visibility (in the top 9 sections) and your posts’ engagement is forming within the first 3 hours, one day from the publication, 3 and 7 days. It means you’re armed with an extensive analysis of the performance of your hashtags. The result? You can fully understand your post’s effectiveness and uncover key findings about your results in the top9 section for each used hashtag.

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Our Instagram Hashtag Performance is such a powerful feature for business owners and individual creators. If you do any kind of content marketing on Instagram, you’ll immensely benefit from the Hashtag Performance Analysis – it will take your content marketing strategy to the next level. 

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