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iq hashtags for adobe expressIQ Hashtags for Adobe Express

Discover the best hashtags and generate the most engaging captions for your Adobe Express designs to skyrocket your Instagram growth and attract new followers with the IQ Hashtags AI Tool add-on!

We’re more than excited to arm you with the most intuitive hashtag search and social media caption generator add-on inside your Adobe Express dashboard. Now, you can easily boost your Instagram or TikTok visibility and make your beautiful project seen by your target audience.

With the Adobe Express IQ Hashtags AI Tool add-on, you will no longer hesitate about which hashtags you should pick and which ones are the most relevant ones for your carefully designed posts, carousels, and all the projects you want to share with the world. Even better, with this add-on now you can also generate compelling social media captions and accelerate your creative process even more!


4IQ Hashtags AI Tool FAQ

We’ve collected the most commonly asked questions and our answers into one handy post. Is there something you want to know and have a question we haven’t answered? Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is here to help! Send us a note at [email protected]

Screenshot 2023 12 01 at 19.15.26How do I start using the IQ Hashtags AI Tool?

When your Adobe Express design is ready, go to your IQ Hashtags add-on. First, decide whether you want to start with finding new hashtags for your project, or generating a compelling caption for it:

Screenshot 2024 04 19 at 20.37.12


Let’s discuss hashtag search first. How do you start?

  1. Enter one keyword or phrase related to your project. Just one hashtag or one word to get the best suggestions!

For example, if your Adobe Express project is about interior design, enter “interior design” into the search bar. Then, you can decide whether you prefer to look for hashtags related to the keyword you typed into (that’s the optimal, commonly recommended setting), or you’d prefer hashtags similar to the keyword/hashtag you’ve entered. The “similar” option works best when you’re entering a hashtag you’ve used in the past or the particular hashtag you have in mind.


What does the percentage next to the results mean? 

This percentage next to each result, each hashtag, tells you how closely related this new hashtag is to the main keyword/hashtag you’ve typed into the search bar. It’s a relevance score.

iq hashtags for adobe express

6What should I do with the hashtags I find?

You can copy/paste them directly into your Instagram or TikTok captions. That’s where the copy button comes in handy!

adobe express hashtag search


How to generate engaging captions for your social media posts with IQ Hashtags AI Tool?


This add-on can be easily used to generate engaging captions for all types of posts. The best part? The tool will create your caption in just a few seconds! Don’t forget to specify your preferences: for example, you can choose the tone for your caption from a dropdown menu of options like friendly, engaging, or professional.

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