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Profile stuck and not gaining new followers?

Followers are leaving your profile for no reason, and the harder you try, the fewer likes and comments you get.

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Not sure which hashtags are right for you and spending too much time searching for them?

Discover where and how to get ideas for your hashtags, find popular hashtags, and determine which hashtag size is the best fit for your profile.

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Hashtags not working? Algorithm limiting your reach? Shadowbanned?

Your content isn’t reaching new audiences, your reach from your hashtags is low, and your posts aren’t hitting your followers’ feed.

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AI Assistant

Struggling to keep up with your posting schedule? Stop stressing out about what to post next and create endless post ideas with our AI Assistant in seconds. Tell your new AI-powered brainstorming and content creation partner what you want your post to be about, and then watch it generate creative ideas, ready to be used right away. Let it come up with scroll-stopping post ideas to streamline your content creation workflow! Save your time – spend minutes, not hours, crafting new content. Unlock new post ideas and unlimited inspiration.

Instagram captions

Endless caption ideas in seconds? Look no further. Let our AI-powered caption generator do the hard work and create posts optimized for maximum reach and interaction with your followers. Save time on research, improve your creativity, and stay on top of the most demanding posting schedule.

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Reels Metrics

Get the most out of the time spent on creating Reels with in-depth data about their performance. Use Reels Metrics to get more eyes on your profile by understanding what kind of videos your audience wants to engage with the most. Discover and collect hashtags that your Reels have ranked for to improve your Hashtag Research and increase your Reels views in the future.

Hashtag Performance

Check which hashtags have performed best and have provided the biggest reach for your content and profile. A hashtag with a more extensive reach means more likes and followers. Analyze the connection between the time of your post, engagement, hashtag reach.

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Hashtag Collections

Keep all your best-performing hashtags in one place. Create multiple hashtag lists (up to 72!), categorize them, and name them the way you like. Use different colors to keep them all more organized. You can save hashtags ideas directly from Hashtag Performance Tool or Hashtag Research as well. Save all targeted hashtags for later and use them whenever you need them with one smart click.

Advanced Hashtag Search

Did you know that posts with at least one hashtag get 12.5% higher engagement? With IQ hashtags you can search for hashtags relevant to the size and theme of your profile. You can also see which hashtags are currently trending on Instagram.

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In-Depth Profile Analysis

Analyze your profile’s statistics, check your follower growth rate, hours of profile activity, and the most popular hashtags used on your account.

Banned Hashtags Checker

Check which of your hashtags are banned. Banned hashtags are the most common reason why your photos are invisible to other people on Instagram. This can feel like your account has been shadowbanned. Avoid Shadowban! Verify all of your hashtags before posting and scan your profile to see if you’ve previously used any #banned hashtags. Verify your hashtags list before posting and scan your profile for previously used #banned hashtags.


IQ Instagram School

Keep up with the ever-changing Instagram algorithm and amplify your account’s performance! Learn the best hashtag strategies and organic growth tactics from our Instagram specialists.

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The main benefits of using our tool

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Smart and fast hashtag search

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Hashtags tailored to your account

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Know your best-performing hashtags

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Track how your account grows

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Avoid shadowban


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