3 tips to get real, engaged followers on Instagram

How to get new, engaged, and real Instagram followers?

This question is asked by an average of 100 people a day every day 😀

I would be boring telling you: create valuable content, choose the right hashtags, implement your strategy blah blah blah…. We all know it. But what exactly can we do to gain new followers?


Here are my three favorite tips that are very specific and can be tried immediately! (But seriously, this strategy and content should be great 😉 ).


1. Build relationships with other content creators


My favorite form – it works great and brings real and seriously engaged followers from your target group!


On Instagram, as in life, we are not lonely floating islands. We function in a certain ecosystem, industry, or community. Let’s use it!


Think about what profiles you will find people who would like to post you. For this, you need to identify the characteristics of your community, get to know them, answer a few questions :

  • What are their needs?
  • What are their problems?
  • How do you answer them? 

Think it over, and find profiles that may have a similar audience. Find other creators from your niche. (It is known that these creators also have to be meaningful, credible and create valuable content). Start a conversation. Establish a relationship. Maybe you can create guest posts together? IG posts? Live interviews? Or you just recommend each other to Stories, especially if you have just posted awesome post gaining lots of reactions. From my experience, I know that recommendations „with a reason” work great.


And don’t be afraid to build relationships with creators from the same niche. I do not like treating others as a threat – „Oh no – this is my competition, I will die if I talk to them!”. Believe me – you can do more together than separately. Even if you do similar content, the form is probably completely different! You put emphasis on something else,  maybe more fun, or more educating, and  I guess overall aesthetics are very different. That’s great because you are somehow characteristic and stand out from the crowd. What have you in common is probably a common passion and a similar target group  Why not join forces? 😉


Example? We have travel bloggers who talk about their lives, travels, and remote work. On the other side, a blogger who creates content for young girls – educates a little, shares great books, thoughts, and travel tips. Content is slightly different, but both communities share several characteristics – they approach life with distance and common sense, they want to develop, but they do not have their heads in the clouds. A recommendation, especially on Insta Stories, where we show face, which gives additional points to trust, most likely will end with many sticker taps and new follows. In the hundreds. And how engaged right from the start!


Ah – just remember to take care of your bio and highlights – once someone hits your account, they have to know why they should follow you!


2. Hitting on people who interacted but didn’t follow


The second way to get new, real followers on Instagram is poke people who have already interacted with your account (liked or commented) but have not given a follow, yet. These are already „warm”.

How to find those people?

  • Manually

First of all – you can manually scroll your feed and look at all commenters and see if they are following you.

  • IQhashtags

You can also use IQ hashtags. Enter the followers’ manager and open the „Active users” tab. You will see the list of all the users that have ever interacted with your profile and may check if they follow you.


Sort the list by „follower”. It is worth paying attention to how many interactions a given user has performed. The more, the more likely you will get follow. Unless he or she just unfollowed you. You can’t help it – people come and go, you have to accept that.

Find the person who left a comment, go to their account, and remind yourself. I warn you – likes are not enough. Comments in the style of „great photo!” also. Give something from yourself. Refer to the content of the post, leave a longer comment, preferably a bit personal. And even – write DM, but seriously in the topic that is interesting for you, not just an empty message that is supposed to be a follow hook. Building relationships with recipients is a great option for a valuable follow.


In addition, in IQ hashtags you can check the list of Influencers watching you. You can combine the previous tip with the current one – establish relationships and it may turn out that a really large account with recipients close to yours, will recommend you on Stories. Mhm – I can already see these follow growing!

Of course, the creators you want to work with must be valuable and have the trust of the recipients themselves. Otherwise, why would someone switch to another profile, if they do not care about the opinion of this influencer, but only his nice photos? Well, unless you also have nice photos. Always think about the „reason” someone would follow you for!


3. Creating shareable content

Recently, carousels have been a real frenzy. Are we so lazy that even the text has to be truncated on the image? Perhaps. But it works.

A carousel slide that has a great quote or practical or inspirational info is perfect for sharing. What’s more, people love sharing content that makes them cooler, smarter, funnier in the eyes of others. Give them these chances!


Sharing a valuable carousel is a great option for you to get new, real followers on Instagram. Potential recipients see your content on someone’s Stories, they can immediately see its value, visit your profile, and give a follow expecting more such content.

Think for yourself what you most willingly share. Photo of a mate on a paradise beach? Even if the description shares the latest tips on choosing hashtags? Or is it nicer to share a photo with the words „This hashtag strategy will make your dreams come true!”?

When creating carousels visually, think about whether someone seriously would like to show it in their Stories. Does it look ok? Is it a pro?

Besides, the times when the graphics on insta feed were passe are gone. Consistency yes, but not over the content. You can integrate cool carousel title slides into your feed – you can create your own style. Or as @ovvlsome has been experimenting recently – leave the first photo that matches the feed, and give directions on the next slides. People will share the graphics and everything is fine.

Below you will find my account stats after posting sharable content – look at new follows!





















Okay – I cracked my best, proven ideas for gaining new, real Instagram followers. Let me know how they work for you!

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